Perth Cycle Polo

So if you didn’t know, a group of Perth fixed gear riders have started up a weekly bike polo session here in Perth. We’ve been playing for a couple of months now, but would love to see more players come down and play!

We’re a bunch of friendly guys, ranging between 18-37 years old with a range of professions, some students, couriers, professional dancers … etc. We meet up each Sunday at 3pm and play 3 to 5 twenty minute games then finish up with a ride, or just head home depending on how we’re feeling.

Okay… so you may be asking… what on earth is bike Polo?
Simply said, its like polo on a horse… minus the horse… plus a bike (ANY BIKE, doesnt have to be fixed).

We provide the mallets, all you need is a bike and some refreshments.

But why play bike polo?
First of all, its a blast to play, its a great team sport, you get to make a bunch of new friends and you don’t have to break any pain barriers to play!

Secondly, if you’re new to fixed gears, polo is a great way to improve your handling skills, especially with slow turns, skidding, skipping, one handed handling… etc

Hope to see you there!

edit go to the latest page for latest info and location.



These past few weeks we’ve had a bunch of new people come down and its been a blast. Feel free to come along on Sunday afternoon to have it hit!

We have started a Perth Cycle Polo blog at

thinking of checking it out soon prawza, nice blog too btw.
its a bit of a blogolution at the moment with kasi concepts also.

^ yeah true.
I just run mine so I can look back on the times. Good way to reflect.

but yeah, come down! There’s about 8 regulars coming down each week, and it would be great to have a few more numbers.

So we got kicked out of our old venue, which is kind of a bummer with ACMC so close. Anyway we have a temporary new venue for this week, 86 Thomas street, a map/location can be found at


Polo Sunday 26th June 2009

Come down to an epic afternoon of bike polo.

Starting at 3pm, finishing till dark, feel free to come down at any time. Free to play!
Bring down your bike and some refreshments, and prepare to have the greatest fun of your life!

We are playing at the colonnade carpark this week, opposite to Nando’s on Hay street. Map can be found at (summer venue).

call/text 04 24 24 41 69 if you have trouble finding the place or want more details.

look forward to seeing you there!


Polo is still happening every week!

Sundays 3pm, either at the Colonnade carpark (hay st) or 86 Thomas street, depending on the footy.

Visit for the latest details.

Super keen on this, been checking out ur blog for a while
im thinking coming down this week
16/yo ok?

very keen, i used to race track as a junior, but havent been on a fixed wheel bike in some trime. If this is still going i’d be more than willing to come down and give it a try. I have also been looking around lately for bike courier/messenger jobs in perth but unfortunately havent had much luck. Any insider information or help would be greatly appreciated :mrgreen:

Polo is @ the top floor of the Colonnade this week. (6th)

Opposite Nandos on Hay Street, just before Rockeby road.

3pm start till dark. :smiley:

Two session’s this week.

Thursday 6:30pm
start till late
Sunday 3pm start till late

Bring bike and refreshments, top floor of Colonnade Carpark, Hay st.
Cya there.

looking forward to the awesomeness, gonna try and drag some guys along

Im definitely down for this. played a bit while living in london and really keen to get back playing! Is there any chance of borrowing a bike and mallet for a few games? not sure i want to hit the polo court with my bike…all those flailing mallets :expressionless:

george if your cool to play on my junker im cool to let you swap on and off, but if you break it you bought it

Ha ha ha - Gink, your man George there has got a bike you’d cream over - green cream at that!

You see, George - Gink had his beady lil’ eyes on your fine steed. Don’t tell him you only paid $500 for it - he’d be guttered he missed out !!!


To george, you can use my steed… In fact, I challenge you to break it! Its bombproooof. (what pedal setup are you using?)

haha. thanks for the offers, ill definetly be down. im ridning clipless, spd’s. i can alwayss wack a spare pair of shoes in my bag tho if needs be. looking forward to it!


all good… :cry:

Could someone link me a google map or something showing colonnade car park? cheers

yup, hold up ill find you a link.