Pics of old Skingrowsback messenger backpack?

I’m trying to get my hands on some pictures of SkinGrowsBack messenger backpack.

Some details of how the webbing/bungee was strung up, waist belt…

I can’t find any of the originals from the old site.

Anyone using one or have the old pics stashed away somewhere?


Might be worth a gander at the Wayback Machine.*/

Yeah, thanks, tried that already. The links don’t go deep enough to include pictures.

do a google image search, go into tools, set date range for approximate time they were originally made.

Here you go.

^Sick burn

here’s a view of an old XL SGB mess backpack

Nikcee has a mini one he could photograph for you.

You could also just email Jamie and ask for photos?

I’m looking for the backpack, not the over-the-shoulder messenger bag.

I’ve been in touch with Jamie, he’s giving me a hand. Still no photos, though.


I’ve been trying everything to track down a set of the images that were up on the old BigCartel site. Honestly, have at it, maybe you’ll have better luck than I have. I’m coming up completely empty handed.

I’ve found a few pictures of the old over the shoulder messenger bag, but the backpack is really hard to track down.

In the office last week I spent a productive few hours scrolling through thousands of #skingrowsback tags on Instagram. Nothing fruitful.

I have an OG XL backpack (2nd one made i believe) and a mini-med (might be the first one).

i can take some shots of it in the next couple of days if you want. PM if you are interested.

PM sent, thanks for the offer, I’ll take you up on it.