pinarello pursuit

never seen this desgin before, with seattube/toptube junction not coinciding with seat stays.

would be good to see it built up.


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is it a real pinny? i dont see any actual pinny pantos?

btw his nos daccordi is pron to the max!

is it standard for those cranks to have the embossed campy logo? They would be sweet polished!

weird to have the seatpost inserted into the TT rather than the ST, I like it

Fuck me its huge too! I really want, then i’d have a Pina road and tarck. Anyone want to buy my Paconi??

The finish of the frame looks kinda messy. I wonder if it is actually a Pinarello.


If Pinarello went to the effort of building it, surely it would have stamps. Tis abit odd.

something like this

Just saw this on eBay, pretty awesome design, It looks like a fairly unique design so strange that it would come from a brand like pinarello. I like it

It looks fucking horrid.

Oh la la…

Watching the price on this will be interesting.

id agree with you, ‘fixie’ people will think it is rad though because it is different. just like they love softrides for some reason (also hideously ugly).

I’m possibly overthinking this,…but, given the fact the riders weight in saddle is probably further back behind the BB and effectively levering the nose up via the TT rather than downward into a traditional seat tube configuration. or would the steep forward aero postion of the rider with weight on wrists counter this? If so then it’s probably a frame that a lot of thought/engineering has gone into. proof would be in the riding I guess. It’s a little too quirky for my tastes though.

From the porn thread…

^ lol f.moser… the plot thickens.

look at the size of that big ring though!!!

Currently at $855.10 with 17 hours remaining… This is going to be interesting:)

when bikes likes this turn up on ebay it reminds me a lot of myspace. sold for 500 million with a lot of hype, then sold again a few years later for 30million with a lot less fanfare.

Almost identical to this:)