Pinzo's road bike build question and answer.

Boy, you’re gonna get some stupid questions from me as I build up my road bike cycle.

So what cables do I need for a Campy 8-speed Chorus groupset with Ergopower levers?

Option 1:

Option 2: Torpedo7 | Outdoor Gear Store | Extreme Sports New Zealand Shop Online

According to the comments option 1 will work, but I can get option 2 a bit cheaper - just want to get the right ones really, and I can’t see what’s different about them. Or is option 2 just new packaging for option 1?


  1. (black)

  2. (red/white)

(3) if you don’t care about colour, (4) if you do.

They might be fractionally smaller OD housings, but they’ll still fit. Unlike trying to jam larger OD ones into newer shakes with smaller housing seats.

^ Great, thanks. I thought Ultrashift had narrower cables and no ferrules - or does that not matter?

Thanks Al…also for the title change.

I’m back.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to protect the BB shell paint when the cables wrap under?

I tried some cable housing inners pre-painting, but they just kink and don’t stay in place. They almost need to be thick enough to jam in the guides, but flexible enough to do the curve. Is there anything available?

just let it scratch it

^ No. I just spent my life savings on paint. (Image above not mine.)

Like this:

Edit: Teflon sleeves. Possibly Jaycar has what I need.


Seen my mechanic at FTR use Teflon sleeves to thread new cables through the frame of my Pivot, so maybe try our LBS?

^ It seems a long way to go, but okay.

i have what you need. not necessarily teflon, but will work good. pm me. ( i have the same thing on all the nagos, and they do silly things with front mech cables.)

this is relevant to my interests. need to recable the kypo.

pinzo, get double and i’ll collect from you, please?

Stupid question of the day: I’ve got some 8-speed Ergopower levers waiting to go on my road bike cycle and I was playing around with them last night just to get my head around them and I noticed the left lever for the FD seems to have just as many ‘clicks’ as the right. Maybe I’m just used to STI levers, but shouldn’t there be just one click up to the big dog and then one click with the side button to go back down? How many clicks do you need to, er, click to shift your chain? Possibly this may all be explained when I actually get these guys installed.

The “good” campy left hand levers have many many clicks, basically giving you infinite trim. They’re really fucking good, and used to be on all campy levers, but are now only on the higher end stuff. Not sure what level the cutoff is at these days.

I had old veloce 10sp levers that had all the clicks, and new ones that didn’t, they just had 2 or 3 positions like Shimano ones.

Multi trim is cool.

New Shimano, i.e. 6800, have four clicks now.

‘trim’ feature?

So you just keep clicking until you’re cage is clear of the chain? Fair enough.

Yeah, pretty much a non-indexed shifter. It works really well

Yeah, really good for shimergo conversions too.

Looking for a bottle cage similar to the one on this:

Closest I’ve found is King Cage stainless steel jobbies:

Anyone know of anything else that might suit? I haven’t looked very hard.