Pissed off. Need to vent.

So, I’ve just finished work.
I have a flight to catch. I stop at a 7-11 get get a water on swanston street, lock up my bike, come out, and some fuck wit has chained their bike through mine to the pole.
I’ve been here for ages, and there’s no way I’m leaving my bike locked up in the city.
I also need it for my trip. .
Now by the time you read this, I’m hoping that said fuckwit will have come back and picked up his shitty commuter with the “one less car” sticker on it, an I’ll be happily on my way. . But in the mean time. . Help a brother out!

Bolt cutters.

Hardware Express
278 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC 3000 ph: (03) 9602 3444

Best option indeed. Fuck fuckwits.

Hopefully said fuckwit has ducked into this jointfor a snack…:stuck_out_tongue:

Chaining a shitty bike to another is a theft tactic, they hope the owner if the target bike will disappear to “resolve” the issue, they return to take off with both bikes.

Bolt cutters and another lock. Cut their lock off, take your bike, put your lock on their bike.

just go hide around the corner pretending to walk off and watch…

as someone else said, theft tactic…

OR, if its a shitty commuter bike, it may have quick release wheels… take them while you go to get help as some sort of insurance… at least if the owner is scoping and sees you walking off with their wheels/seat post/whatever is not bolted down you have half a chance of them turning back up!

I agree with cutting off the fuckwit’s lock. I don’t agree that you should then put your own lock on the fuckwit’s bike. Why would you do that?

If you’d do it to piss off the fuckwit, then it’ll make you a hypocrite. We want the number of fuckwits to decrease, not increase. Also, the fuckwit almost certainly won’t ‘learn anything’ as a result of your chaining up his bike — he’ll just become a pissed-off fuckwit and probably even more fuckwitted.

If you’d do it because you’re concerned that the fuckwit’s bike may be stolen, then you’re a prince among men — but you’ll have to leave the fuckwit a note with your contact details so that he can collect the key or get the combination for the lock from you, and that may backfire very badly.

If a fuckwit chains up someone else’s bike like that, and then has his own bike stolen, then that’s just karma.

Soooooo… what happened?

Was joking. Why spend money to teach someone a lesson?

Thanks for all the advice guys.
Went to the police station told them my story, they told me to wait half an hour and come back.
I was about to go back, when on the dot, they rocked up with a pair of $12.95 bolt cutters.
(I knew they were 12.95 cause the price tag was still on them)
Police tell me that legally they aren’t allowed to do it, and I have to.
So I start gnawing away at it, trying to cut those big assed threads, 55 minutes later, I’m done. Blisters the size of oranges and I missed my flight.
One of the policemen asked how i found riding a fixie, and he would love to ride one but he’s too old.
Ride an old read colnago from brunswick to work every day.
Asked me what I thought about cadel, said I liked his chin.
Those two rozzas were actually really great, and didn’t bust my balls at all.
So the police just tied the chain in a knot and put a helmet over the top and said, if someones stupid enough to dentist, then they don care what happens to the one less car commuter super machine.
Happy ending, i suppose.

So the police just tied the chain in a knot and put a helmet over the top and said, if someones stupid enough to dentist, then they don care what happens to the one less car commuter super machine.

Not stupid enough to dentist.
Stupid enough to do this.
Come to think of it, it did kinda look like a dentists bike.

what did you do with your flight?? hope you were able to change it!!!

I would go back and take that commuter shitbox for your hassle.

burn the fucking thing!!!

Did you at least let the air out of both their tyres? Fuck there are some dumb asses in this world!

oh shit…
why didnt i think of that…

the same thing happened to me in the city but it was my helmet only …

i lost my helmet but i fkn damaged the shit out of their bike for revenge (if your a real cyclist you should have some brains!) …

you did the right thing tho…

never too old. We were sitting outside the pub after a ride once and a guy in his late 60’s came up riding a fixed gear. Locked it up and had a chat with us.

What if it was an accident? I realize people should have some brains, but beating the shit out of someone’s bike for a mix up doesn’t seem too bright at all.