places to live tasssie style

If I were to move to Hobart, which suburb would be something to aim at? I like the sound of Lutana for inner city. I like neighbours who aren’t shitty and wouldn’t mind being anywhere up to 30km from the city. I also like the look of Kettering and surrounds. Where is great?!?

If you go to lutana make sure you have good locks, and you may end up with lead poisoning from the zink smelter,

Go for lenah valley, newtown, north hobart, all just a stone throw into the city,

but really anywhere is fine to commute from down there, most of the roads are smooth as.

Ah!! right on… thanks for that. Lenah Valley does look great. Any thoughts on Collinsvale and Glenlusk? Can you commute over the hills on firetrail into Hobart from there? Or is it over Wellington and too full on?

Daily commute from Collinsvale? Mate, that’d be hard!

Lenah Valley, Taroona, Kingston Beach, Blackmans Bay, Fern Tree, South Hobart… South Hobart is the pick of the inner surburbs, esp. if you ride a mtb… Wellington Range is behind.

Ben’s got it pretty spot on.

Unless you want to be out in the ‘countryside’, you’re better off aiming for the suburbs right near the city. The northern suburbs (anything north of New Town/the flanelette curtain) are generally not great, and are pretty much bogan areas. Similarly for the Eastern shore. People from those places will disagree I’m sure, but it’s true!

South of Hobart is good, but can turn into a pretty hefty commute if you’re doing it daily. The bonus is you end up a fit bastard.

Keep in mind that anything further south than Taroona is going to be over some big hills, so your 30km commute can be a big ride.

South Hobart is the pick of the lot for sure. Sandy Bay and Battery Point aren’t bad, but the houses are all pretty close (until you get to Lower Sandy Bay), and there are a lot of uni students in those areas. North and West Hobart are both nice too, and Taroona’s a winner as well.

Hell, here’s a map to help you out! Green is good, blue is alright but a bit of a hike.

Will you be riding fixed or on a single? In Hobart it’s worth dropping down a few gears… 64inches is good. 72inches hurts. One of the lads ran 54inches on his daily work bike (Dave, Jet Couriers)… But he was a spinning legend.

yeah! i do remember the hills in hobart having some kick in em… i think i will be riding geared a lot of the time, but ride 69"ish at the moment in canberra. I’m more than happy to adapt to whatever, though.
I’m just waiting on people at work to give me the yes/no re:transfer.
Thanks a heap for the input!

I’d suggest 64ish…
I commuted about 12km to and 12km from work daily before I broke a bone.
My commute has hills both ways - I don’t reckon I’ll change from 64.

Ayeee, mid 60s here too. Can’t go wrong.

Massive thread dig!
So, 6 years, one kid and heaps of stuff later, it looks like its all a go-er. Gear inches are no longer a concern :slight_smile:

Looks like a July arrival, and I was thinking of having a series of battle-offs for suburb supremacy. We’ll rent for a year to make sure its what we want to do, cos Canberra is still awesome.

South Hobart vs Lenah Valley.

Tell me where I’m going wrong: Lenah for: Pottery road goes straight into single track at Lenah Valley, and knocklofty is right there. It might be a bit sunnier? Smaller roads than Huon rd to get to the city on. South Hobart for: seems like a little cheaper housing, closer to more mtb action and if i reignite mountain running legs, closer to massive vert on hiking trail. Maybe damper/darker/danker? Is it easy to avoid Huon Rd for the commute in? Is Huon road even something that you’d avoid?
Dad thoughts are that schools around both areas are tip top. (Sidenote, I think lots of hobart schools absolutely crush it in gov rankings. This helped get the relocation happening in our household).

One question, if the Wellington gondola goes ahead, where is it likely to leave from (at the bottom)?

Blakey’s house. Gondolas are the new panniers.

South Hobart is good, very good. Just need to nail the right property. Huon Road is sleepy as fuck. Schools are good. Rivulet Track to the city centre, MTB trails EVERYWHERE. Great cafes, bakeries, pubs and a BREWERY!

Lenah Valley is nice, a longer cycle to work. Also has good cafes etc. Schools everywhere.

If it was me? South Hobart hands down. I’d be looking at Dynnyrne/West Hobart/Mount Stuart before Lenah Valley.

McRobies Gully in South Hobart. Dude, if you can find a suitable rental in South Hobart just DO IT! Happy to do drive-by suss outs for you too. You’ve my digits.

South Hobart is f-king cold in Winter
That’s exciting news JP!
I grew up in West Hobart and it’s pretty sweet these days…

ALL of Hobart is f-king cold in Winter, maybe slightly less so on the eastern shore, more so in Taroona or Ferntree. Get the right house in South Hobart and you’ll be fine. Most properties are built for cold. Well insulated, good heating.

…but you’re from Canberra and that is WAAAAY f-king colder than Hobart in winter.

This is perfect :slight_smile:

Have since heard from a few other ex-locals who rate south hobart as the spot to be… today is the day its all official at work. Pummped! And yeah, not afraid of the cold, i love seasons, and i love warm gear.

Will keep on sending you links Ben and Blakey.


How is Hobart treating you?
A quick summary of your thoughts.

Well, it’s bloody wonderful. Ended up in South Hobart, on people’s advice am renting to make sure of exact place to aim for. I’d echo that to anyone thinking of coming down. The property prices aren’t as cheap as they used to be, but that’s the same anywhere. There’s definitely a pretty positive and optimistic feel here.
We’ve been getting some good exploring done while sort of settling in, day and weekend trips cover just about anything on the island, unless you’re going on some big hikes. The trails close to town are the biggest brightest shining light for me. There is just so much to see and do. The running is out of this world. The riding is often older school, straight line and steep, very often quite rocky. Lunch rides are 16km mtb with 400m or so of climbing and descend, around knocklofty and south Hobart. The trails over the bridge in Meehan range (maybe 25mins ride from city) are good too, and better when it’s wet.
I’m not really here for the food and cider and stuff, but that’s also a nice thing. There is a lot of good beer here.
Downsides: It’s very white, but what matters more than that is probably that people are def nicer, down to earth and less hurried than anywhere else I’ve lived in Australia.