Pogliaghi WHAT THE????

All seems kinda normal in the first picture then BAM

fixed gear Pogliaghi track bike fixy fixie | eBay

What an amazingly good way to fold a frame in half like origami…

Introducing big forces directly to a tube that isn’t designed to handle said forces

This will have to be featured on NSNYC

I’m glad you said that, there was a similar set up posted up a while ago, but the brake was applied to the chainring. Anyway, we debated whether it was clever or shit, but nobody could really put a solid argument either way - until now.

It really is incredible how many jack asses there are out there. Something as elegant and simple as a conventional brake calliper and lever would have been much nicer (and safer) on this bicycle.

Obviously the owner likes tinkering- what exactly is going on at the interface between the bottom bracket and rotor?

Bad Ju Ju, thats whats going on

Edit: looks like he has machined a collar to fit over the taper of the BB spindle that is attached to the rotor, this is another application where the forces of a disc brake are being applied to a part that probably can’t handle it

Listening to boy bands on Monday morning H? :wink:

Would be pretty funny if it actually worked, and thus invented a new system of braking for fixays

I rekon you could make it work, but you would need to do a fair bit of engineering

Edit: Blakey beat me to it.

Saw this last night and was a bit wtf?!?! Seems to be a nice bike though all things considered!

Surely that “braking system” could easily be removed?

Nice dent in the downtube right next to where these forces will get applied!

So it’s not just me that thinks the frame has buckled, wasn’t sure if it was a reflection…

Skid request - 1, Downtube - 0

looks to me like the non drive side crank has also been machined down to allow for the brake rotor hub to be fitted…

shame :frowning:

If you got it for around the opening bid and ditched the brake, you’d be doing alright out of the deal.

And if the chain breaks, you’re in the poo…