Police Crackdown in Brisneyland

As some of you may be aware, QPS are undertaking a blitz on cyclists. :evil: Focus will be on the common bikeways including Kedron Brook, Centennary and Enoggera Creek.

The following infringements are being targeted:

Riding across a children or pedestrian crossing (ie one with zebra stripes) $60
Riding across at traffic lights where there is no specific bicycle light (like the one at jindalee) $60
No bell, or horn or warning device $40
No helmet $100
No lights at night $40
No brakes $40 (i don’t want to start a debate about whetehr a fixie is braked or not…)
Failing to keep left $60
Failing to give way to pedestrians (he said you have to give way,but that doesn’t mean you cant give them a mouthful if they are blocking the path) $66
Failing to keep left of an oncoming bike $60
Failure to ride in the dedicated bike lane if the road has one $60
At least one hand on the handlebar $40

For those who travel in areas without dedicated bikeways, remember that cyclists are allowed to ride on the footpath in Queensland so long as they keep left and give way to pedestrians.

Cyclist specific legislation may be found at Part 15 of the following document: In force legislation - Queensland Legislation - Queensland Government

I’m just waiting for the bike cops in the city to pull me over for not having a bell.

Thanks for the heads up.

99.99% of bikes don’t have bells. Any fine for having no reflectors on your wheels?
Would I get fined for riding with this?


Unofficial word from a Bicycle Qld source was that this “blitz” lasted a week and is done now.

What if you’re adjusting your bag or helmet, or high-fiving your friend?

So it’s ok to talk on a mobile phone then…

Being the good corporate citizen I put front and back reflectors and a bell on the commuter fixie last week. Now just have to work on my road manners.

Last bike I bought didn’t have a bell or reflectors.

I find it odd that bike shops can sell bikes that are illegal to ride - it would be like buying a car without seat belts.

They’re not allowed to, but they do.

we can only hope so

Every time a pedestrian steps out in front of me because they don’t hear something coming (it happens a lot) I shout OI! HEY! HEY! LOOK OUT! They barely ever hear me. I can’t imagine what good a bell would do. Maybe something loud and battery-operated

so lame. Thay can, and do, fine for all the same things in Melbourne. CBD is the area they are most likely to get you.

Define an effective brake?

Ahh well, we’ll see how well those Kona’s they ride, handle a ‘Friday Peak Hour’ Mash session! :evil:

maybe instead of a bell they should fix a mini fruit cannon or a spit ball pen to the handle bars…? or a bag of rocks?

and I’d totally watch a bunch of cops on bikes chasing someone on a fixie… seems like its bringing the whole fixed thing into disrepute, but it’d make for some good footage, and wouldnt a bit of bad publicity drive away the posers?


in vancouver where they only issue tickets during bike to work week (seriously - they camp out on the main bike routes during the morning and afternoon peak hours and hand out helmet (and sometimes lights) tickets, if you try and run from the cops they simply radio out for help with your description. outrunning basic XC mtn bikes is one thing, patrol cars are another.

i have several friends that tried it (one of whom who was a messenger) and only one got away with it. the messenger was caught 5hrs later mid-delivery on the other side of town and they werent especially friendly to him (flashing lights, drive up onto the curb).

of late the police did start to hand out more tickets through the whole of ‘bike month’… and there was always the case during the rest of the year where if you lipped off they werent afraid to ‘find’ reasons to fine you.

of course up until 6mths ago the ‘no helmet fine’ there was only $29… it has now gone up to $110 or something. in toronto you arent required to have a helmet, but must have a working bell and lights, and they will sting you if you dont (apparently) which struck me as odd. [lets not have a helmets vs no helmets discussion now :roll:]

If you want to make sure the peds with their stinking ipods hear you then get one of these.

Could well be the loudest thing on the planet.


Ant Dan has one of those on his “greenie” bike. Scared the shit outa me the first time i got too curious. :-o

Yeah I think I’m finally convinced to take mine off my leftie bike and put it on the commuter fixie. Had another c*** try to pull into me this morning. It works so well on cars, and can put a pensioner in hospital as well if correctly timed :evil:.

I was riding down Victoria St (MEL) outside IKEA and a lady tried to cut across the bike lane without doing a head check. One blip of the Airzound and she just stopped dead. I don’t use it for every minor infraction, but I avoided 3 doorings in Melbourne by a simple beep to let them know I was there.

oh my god that horn thing is amazing/hilarious. Is it louder than a car horn? Like the same as a regular air horn??? I love that someone bought this thing haha.