Polly in Sydney

Hey guys, after the epicness of the Icatarck thread, I figured I’d drop everyone a line. The lady and I will be in Sydney for all of February. I’m not bringing my track bike, but will have my BMX and my road bike. Let’s ride.

Also, any events / shops / builders / beautiful bicycles / etc that you think I should check out, could you mention it here?


Taking you for a bmx ride you meat pie motherfucker. Xoxo.

Know where you’re staying?

I think we’re in Surry Hills… not 100% on that. My buddy Seth Rosko (the guy who built my BMX) has been there for a month and he’s found some sick spots. Too bad I suck at BMX!


Sugarkane will show you the good road riding routes. Look up the shop ‘Hell on Wheels’ for the BMX radness needed. You should ‘Prolly’ (ha) do one of the weekend waterfall rides as well - 90km fast or medium paced ride, a Sydney institution.

If you can, stay near a eastern suburbs beach. Not the best place to live in sydney, but the best place to visit.

Take a 2 day road trip to Canberra to visit FOA’s own Kumo Cycles (user BrakeFree). He is a rad builder, and there are good trails, parks & road rides out that way.

I work in Surry Hills! Definitely come hang out some time, including a waterlooride in the evening.

this is a great idea

Yeah, that sounds fun. I’m into it. Will there be loop snakes and drop bears?

Hell on wheels for all your bmx needs, get tom to show you around the spots of sydney.

We should all have a BBQ too… as a diversion whilst we see how many Polly x OZ stickers we can put on your bike before you realise.

For a second there I thought you wrote Hell Track for all your bmx needs, now that would be rad.

This^^. We just need to have more barbecues as a general rule.

Here’s a legitimate concern of mine. Can you buy Bourbon in SYD? It was scarce in MEL. I’m ok with Makers but prefer Blanton’s, Russel’s, Buffalo Trace, etc.

Should I just bring a freaking bottle? /alchie

Get some in duty free on your way out of the US, or coming into Sydney. I’m not a bourbon drinker, but I know there’s good scotch kicking around.

Not sure if they have any bourbon, but this place has 300 whiskys, and is apparently a very good place. Baxter’s.

Makers Mark is everywhere. There is a dedicated whiskey & Bourbon shop in Double Bay, but it is pricey. There is a likker store here called Dan Murphys that normally has a decent range of most spirits/beer/cider.

I am down with the BBQ idea too.

Keen to have a bbq at/near mine (in the 'fern), or maybe pyrmont?

Yea dan murphy’s for bourbon, they have their range on their website , about 50 different bourbons and a couple of locations in the eastern suburbs

Just get some cans…

The ride to Waterfall is the Coluzzi ride:
Colluzi / Latteria Bunch Ride, 322 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia

Try a bunch ride with these guys:
| Clarence Street Cyclery Sydney Australia

The ride to Waterfall is the Coluzzi ride:
Colluzi / Latteria Bunch Ride, 322 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia

Well… not really. The Coluzzi ride is a ride to Waterfall. The waterfall ride, simply, is the ride to waterfall.

You are welcome to head down and visit my workshop for a change of pace, lots of quiet roads and Roo dodging to be had out here