Possible pub sponsorship.

Had a chat to the guy at the Wheaty last night about a possible pub “sponsorship” by them for our regualr rides. Things along the lines of making sure we go there every Tuesday night (which is what we do anyway), ending alley cats there, maybe trying to organise roller races, video screenings, etc. We’ll get cheap(er) beer and some other perks from them.

Any other suggestions?

what/where the hell is the wheaty???

somewhere you can take your bike into the beer garden would be a good’un

The Wheaty (aka The Wheatsheaf Hotel) is 39 George Street, Thebarton. Just outside of the city.

Here’s their website.

what’s in it for them?

Wheatsheaf spoke cards bro.

More people drinking at their fine establishment.

the hipsters go there already though

I fixed your post.

yeah but hipsters too, this is a family friendly forum (FFF) zoltan my man!

Yeah, but it is a good pub, with good beer and friendly people.

And not that many hipsters.

but can yo take yo bike in? or can you lock it up in sight of beer garden or something?

also, is thebarton becoming adelaide’s fitzroy yet? i really think adelaide needs an arty/grungy/hipster suburb, and always thought thebarton would be perfect -> mainly cos it’s the only hipster-price range friendly suburb fringeing the city. and sorta has that dirty industrial thing goin on. quick jolan, start up a organic fair trade produce cafe slash art gallery hybrid. they will come.

this newcomer loves the idea… means i might actually make a tuesday night ride or two! plus their beer list is pretty amazing. but at the end of it all, id settle for a hipsterific spoke card

There’s already the pizza place across the road…

Not just any pizza place, best pizzas in Adelaide IMHO BNIB NWOT L@@K.

Yeah, it’s pretty good. The surliness of the staff (just one girl really) and the wait time was kinda off putting though.

I like a good surly waiter/ress. I try to support them as often as I can, I really appreciate the fact that they are offering something different to most other places in Adelaide - not fussed about appealing to a particular demographic, just providing a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy some company. Also, it is pretty hilarious that they all hit the chronic bionic at about 10pm most evenings.

Yeah it can be a bit difficulut to enjoy a pizza when your breathing in incense though.

I fet like I was eating at Supermild.

In saying that, I am going there again on Monday.

the chronic fumes make the mushroom pizza even more exciting to be honest

come to brisbane.

yeh ok so get this happening already and make spoke cards. im only gonna be in adelaide next week so id like to acquire one while there. then i can ride around with it here in melbourne and get the wheaty sweet interstate exposure :wink:.
only a matter of time before its an international icon :mrgreen: