post a pic of your last ride

Not your last purCHASE.

Your last ride…

Terrible photo but… it’s an echidna!

(Making up for drunk post. OMG! But it really was an echidna. How cool is that!)

I dont see no Echidna

Yep, sure is a terrible photo. I just read that the male echidna has a four headed penis. Had I not started this thread I would not have discovered that fact. Hm.

If you zoom in I think I can see a black dot up top centre in the grass. Maybe that’s it or Angry’s still at revolver. :expressionless:

outside of Sydney … country roads, take me home :wink:

Hey, cool photos. Looks like a sweet ride. Thread saved!

Some pics from the Degani Sunday week ago. Good training for cyclocross given that it rained nearly the whole way:

TC contending with a puncture:

Different angle looking back up to Kinglake:

Nearly at the end and top of (now infamous) Coombes Rd:

Better pics on fyxomatosis.


Yeah, I was there- pretty freaking miserable weather, heaps of fun though in a sort of ‘epic’ way :evil:

Was TC running tubulars that day- seriously why, why?! :roll:

Nothing sweeter than a nice tubular wheelset :wink:

Tubulars are the new Ærospoke.

Except for changing a tubular in the rain? :smiley:


I had the joy of manhandling some arrospoks the other day. Them bitches are FLEXY!

They are, they are.

Heavy too.

Lucky they look cool. :wink:

That makes wood rims the new Shamals, no? :wink:

Yup, TC was running tubulars on his early 70s motta. Sweet ride.

What made the ride somewhat epic (apart from the wet conditions) is that he punctured again within 5 mins of changing the tire and had no spares left. That was between Kinglake and the Melba Highway ie about half way through the ride - we managed to get home on two gas cannisters and a bit of hand pumping along the way.

I was surprised to see how easy the tubs were to change.

I was running the veloflex paves (clinchers) and got away with one puncture in the last 20ks.

Nice to see you on the road at the start of the ride Horatio.


went for a ride out to Authers Creek and came back via some back roads that we mapped out on goolge maps. REALLY should have checked the street view images before we set off. Was all fine untill we hit Reylods road which is home to some of the most brutal gradients I’ve ever encountered - 2k’s a short, sharp, steep hills - ended up getting over a lot of them by foot! street view here:,+Australia&ei=aru2SsOSIMyDkAXzpaHgCw&layer=c&cbll=-37.685183,145.180147&panoid=1x1uzS-RQdRW28zxlOs9mA&cbp=12,243.15,0,9.65&ll=-37.684907,145.180206&spn=0.051148,0.111322&z=14&iwloc=A

Straight down… and straight back up again…

Last climb…

taking a break at the end of Reynolds.

Nice one Chaz, looks steep. Been wanting to head back out that way for a while now. Thinking of following Skyline Road all the way from Sugarloaf Reservoir to where it ends up above Steels Creek. October maybe…

Great pics. Epic ride!!
Reminds me of when I was a teenager riding out Sth Morang/Kinglake way on our coaster brakes. The roads were so bad you’d just lock up the back wheel and skid all the way down.

Hi all

Here’s soome photos of my Ballarat - Hamilton ride on the weekend, Hamilton being about 100km North East from Warnambool for those interested. I caught the train to Ballarat Saturday morning and started from the station.

Was done fixed + unsupported. I ran about 82gi to start with wich helped gain some miles with a favorable (ish) wind. With around 60km to go the wind swung around so dropped back to 71ish and span the rest of the way.

In the end was 183.99 km door to door took around 7.5 hrs, with a nasty wind over the last 60k and overall it only rained for about half an hour.