post a picture of you/your bike and i'll write a vice magazine style...

…do/don’t capition about you/your bike.

and you have to promise not to get pissed about it.





Farking Genius:

Go for it…

i would trust no one other than mckenny with this responsibility. the boy has an excellent grasp of “mean but still funny”.

hahaha. go on.

oh, you are asking for trouble.

haha i know.


remember when as soon as someone hit 30 they’d quietly slip into the masters racing and sorta phone it in? it’s arseholes like you that still race against 22 year olds that are making anyone else who’s just over 30 feel like a first rate pussy for ticking the masters box.

Please make me cry. Here are polar opposites in bikes.
(got some time in lieu hey?)


Though you were going to work?

I’m on a coffee break :evil:

Do your worst McKenny:

and :smiley:

Here’s me on my bike.

And my bikes.

Do your best.


nice bikes, but i can’t stop staring at the 2 grasshoppers fucking in the background in both of those photos.


pretty sure this is the exact same bike that the riddler rides in the orginal batman movie. you know the one, where he teams up with catwoman, the joker and the penguin. put some question mark decals on that bitch.


look i’ve seen your facebook, i wish you’d have posted some of those other pics so i could talk about how your bmx shit makes my dick kinda hard. but… i don’t care if it’s totally empty. Rocking that bumbag makes you look like you just walked out of a sexy funhouse.

im actually happy with that.


i bet you ask nath ride this around brunswick so you can ride that platform on the back of the shogun like m.j. fox did in teenwolf.

look, youre not going to a shoutout from BSNY when you high-lock your track bike in your own fucking backyard!

Captain Commuter

i’m so conflicted here. there’s that majestic llewellyn and then those fucking arm warmers. i totally know how judas felt when he was offered those silver pieces.


this is going to sound gay but those are the nicest fucking pants i’ve ever seen


Country Road cords my friend.

:smiley: I am an enigma inside a riddle wrapped in…ahhhh fuggit