post your art related stuff

there are quite a few different threads about personal interests, art is a big one of mine,
So if your an art enthusiast im sure there is a few of you here,if you like to paint draw sculpt any thing artistic really post it here.

heres my latest art piece i’ve been working on for a couple of nights now.

Camoshop, you’ve got skills bro. This one of my favourite stencils ever, BIG, great spot and a mission behind it. Fun.

Cheers man , loving this, can see a lot of time and effort was put in to it!! Colour pallete is rad too!

Don’t know if it really counts but I do some pinstriping now and then.

^^ he’ll yeah it counts, pinnies are bad ass.

Takes some real skull to do pin striping, looks badass!

this years xmas card in the making,

fixies are art

Art is life

Wanted to post that Hillbrick with S60 and Sphinx bars in response to this, but alas…

Rob pollock from nz paints an amazing wood grain frame, now that’s art!!

This thread topic feels uncomfortably broad, but here’s me getting meta and doing a ‘study of perspective’ with some Ai Weiwei work.

Heres a thing from my last show.

I do some illustration.
heres some random leftovers i dont know what to do with
I also do some sculpture and painting. You can see that on my website though.

how are those terrariums going shortsie?

i have a small bowl on my desk i was gonna put a fish in, but maybe a little one like the ones you posted in the iwagumi aquascaping thread would be better…

you got any for sale?

I’d be happy to build you one. or i could just tell you what to buy and you could do it for a lot cheaper.They start $60 (depending on the size of the vessel)

i made this on Thusday. Cover for a compilation i did. Came out good. Pretty happy with it.

BTW: Do I know there shouldnt be a cap ‘S’ on Scorn?. You bet i do.
Can i be arsed changing it? Hell no.

nice, I like your work shortsie

Dig it. Any reason for some legs on the inside and some on the outside? Just because…

I’m liking this. Please continue posting