Post your "First fixed gear bicycle"

This thread is to post a pic of your first fixed gear bike and have a good laugh :smiley:
I’ll start things off with this beast I built for $50. :sunglasses:

taken in 2000 sometime, still trying to track this bike down :frowning:

evolution frame, full miche group with atlanta rims

One of my friends now owns this. It’s in melbourne.

damm, tell him if he EVER wants to sell it let me know, i really want this bike back, haha.

also, small world hey…

My first ride, still got the wheels

Good ol’ yella

SS, not fixed :expressionless: gone now

07 Cannondale Capo.

Banished to become a friend’s mrs SS.

Unknown steel road conversion. Possibly a Europa. Pretty much long gone now…

as posted last week, just finished it, bars have since changed to drops with Leather wrap on the way from Velo-Orange :smiley:

HA HA @ EzyLee!!

gearing not much good for speed?

My first actual fixed wheel was a pair of those forks with the same ‘pedals on the axle’ setup, with a seat bolted on the top of the forks. worst unicycle about 6 full pedals in once

This is the day I bought my Surly Steamroller. 2007 I think

It ended up looking like this before I sprayed the wheels black and sold it to a friend in canberra.

My first fixed, repco superlite I converted from a 12 speed in early 07. I still have the frame in the shed, the rear wheel and front hub are on my ken for the moment. the saddle got a bit bent in an accident.

That was my first too, but the raw alloy one… Was actually a nice frame once you got rid of all the stock parts.

sexy Heavy metal… wicked wheel set up :slight_smile:

Frame was definitely the best bit. Worst had to be the Alex ‘Tank’ Wheels and the UN26 which was rough as guts.

I built this up about 3 yrs ago, i’ve since sold it all off except for the wheelset, pedals, bars/stem. Spent ages collecting parts for it and rode it for a year or a bit more. Unintentionally upgraded when i bought a bike i didnt plan on keeping, but decided to keep it haha.

Is that a SLAM mag sticker? best basketball reading beside espn

you go with the reds? you get that online? cause proper onfields are hard to find in aus.