Post your MTB ride

nah got this second hand from a guy on Rotorburn.

Some sexy rigs here!

This is my old Cannondale that I SS’ed:

I broke her last weekend out at Sparrow Hill, of all places :frowning: New brakes and carbon rigid fork next week, though.

here she is now. ON ONE INBRED 29er

Nice chain tug, what is it? I run 2 surly’s.
Also, how come a laid back seatpost, I find my top tube long enough already?
Sorry, by the way, your bike looks great.

no idea what brand the chain tugs are, they came with the frame and fork. I scored the thompson layback for $50 almost brand new, I was looking for a straight, but I’ll see how the layback goes for now. (laybacks absorb a little more shock.) Plus I’m 197 cm so I can handle a long top tube.

not CX but off-road

Lookin’ sweet, just needs some suspension forks!

yeah not sure about adding a susser, the carbon is really nice, and adds nice flex. If I was going a front susser, I’d go the marzocchi, seeing all the others are a fairly expensive experiment.

Rockshox recon gold TK retails for $550? Marzocchi are so inconsistent and unpredictable these days… I wouldn’t touch it.

  • Joel

marzocchi is that bad? might have to go the manitou, but I’ll do my research if I decide to get a susser.

No to manipoo there just not good go rockshock or fox. Rockshock for price and really good surport in melb and fox for longevity and quality of internals and also good surport in Oz. A looked after set of fox forks will keep going strong for years.

I know it’s been posted already here, but hey, why not ?

Where did you find that frame.

I got it from the US - there’s a small but useful forum

It was fern green, but I resprayed it in the trad team colours (of which I have a STACK of paint left if anyone wants it!)

… 10 char …

marzocchi isn’t ‘bad’, but they have had some quality issues in their 08/09 range, and it’s yet to be seen if their current range has the same issues (usually related to the shocks developing slop after a while). i’ve got 08 dirt jam comps on my dirt jumper and they are still tight and working perfectly, and i’ve got 2010 66RCVs on my DH bike which i haven’t had any issues, although i don’t think i’ve ridden it enough for issues to pop up.
if you’ve got the cash, go for fox, else i wouldn’t necessarily pass up marzocchis if you can get a good deal. not sure on manitou, i haven’t seen any bikes around with them for a while.

it depends on what you are doing as to whether you need suspension, and what kind of suspension. if you are just doing single track/light mtb, then save the weight, but if you are doing anything with rough and bumpy surfaces, they will save your wrists and give you much more control

well I’d say it’s the former so I don’t feel the need for a susser.

In terms of 29er forks, Manitou Drakes (for those on a budget) & Minutes have been getting good reviews from what I read on farkin. Fox seem to be leading the way and Rockshox 2nd, but Manitou following closely. I haven’t actually read of anyone using Marzocchi 29er forks.

I am getting some 100mm Manitou Drakes for my 29er, and will swap between those & rigid depending on the track I am riding. They have a steel steerer (as opposed to ally) and no lockout but enough settings for my liking, and they are only $329 on line.

Manitou’s are fine until you have to services them or get spare parts, but at 330 you can’t really beat the price.

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92 MB2. Bridgestones have a cult following in the US and most places other than Aus. They make great getting around bikes this bike with lugged frame and TR bi-plane fork felt WAAAAY too flexy and i was afraid of snapping it. It had a cyclart paint job, which was nice. And the parts list was impeccable. it had to go.