Post your MTB ride

Gotta be done. Bring on the fat tyres, suspension, hydraulic brakes, wide bars, bash guards, and muddy grins!

Kickin’ it off with my Santa Cruz Blur LT. Best bike in the entire world, no exaggeration.

Post 'em up!

Edit: I just realised the forum description specifies ‘Fixed/SS MTBs’, so this thread fails from the outset. However, I’ve never been one to pay much attention to rules, so we’ll continue as planned. As you were.

Surly 1x1
Thomson bits
DMR pedals and Hub
White industries Freewheel BZZZZZ
ea70 bars

Specialized Big Hit '03

Moved to the country to ride it…

Nickj… do your self a favour a never move back to the city! Everyone knows offroad riding is better than on!

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR… hmmm 07?

Thanks for pic, Carlin.

And where I last rode it with the lads.

Thanks for pic, Rick.

Since your asking.
My On One Inbred, SS, ridgid 29er.

…and me in the enviro, just this afternoon.

kona stinky (took photo just then, still need to wash it from today’s ride)

giant stp2 polo/DJ/mtb. hopefully going single speed soon, just need to work out a ratio that is good for polo, but still alright for riding the 10kms to polo

Sekt, nice Blut LT!!

Here’s my Santa Cruz Chameleon. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks now, and it’s my first MTB. I bought the frame, and while I was looking around for parts, I worked out it would be cheapest to buy a complete 2011 Giant XTC and strip the parts off it. A mix of XT, SLX, Rockshox Recons, and Juicy 5 brakes (which I already had), make it a really awesome bike to ride!

Chameleon, chilling on a rock at the You Yangs:

Cheers Wheelworks, same to you! Mine’s pretty new as well. I’m now a happily paid up Santa Cruz fanboy.

I would happily ride another Santacruz. I used to have a jackal that I sold to fund a Downhill bike. It was a solid jump bike! I loved taking it dow to the local BMX track.

Anyway, here are my steeds:

The stumpjumper - Love this bike. After a few years of riding solidly on it, I am feeling very ‘at one’ with it. I know how it is meant to ride and if something just a little is off, I can usually tell straight away. I have a video uploading at the moment of me and the stumpy out on the trails today.

Then there is my BigHit. Good for fun, not for racing as it is a little too soft.

And my latest member of the dirt family is the singlespeed on-on. I ride this 3 times a week on my lunch break up and around 15kms of singletrack close to my work. It feels strange to be back on a rigid MTB after spending so long on my last two dualies.

This is my old Cannondale. It was shit for attacking as the front fork didn’t have a lockout.

And before that was my first modern MTB. A Giant ATX 860… I would love to find one of these frames around, they were so damn light!

Here is the Video of my local trails…

Stromlo Mountain Bike Chest Cam on Vimeo

Or if you like the youtubes.

YouTube - Stromlo GoPro Test

doesnt compair to any of the bikes in this thread
but it cost me $90 and its a shitload of fun
took it down to ivanhoe today for some beginners trails
not the best day for it but it was still a heap of fun.

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Great collection Ezy…Ill check the vids out too when the boss isnt sniffing around.
Love the type 3 v-dub wagon in the background of the yellow giant. 1965?

Yeah, it’s a 1964! Good spotting.

not much so far, but it’s got some more bits coming tonight…

nice vid ezy… that shit looks fun spewin i never tried the mtb thing when livin in canberra, is that ‘single track-ing’ have no idea aboujt the whole thing.

My collection of MTB’s…
Specialized Stumpjumper Pro FSR '06. Puts a smile on my face every time. Love this thing more than a roast dinner! You could say it’s a zen-like relationship between us :wink:

GT frame i found in rubbish on the side of the road in Brighton… of all places!
Gave it a second life. Kind of an urban MTB SS, bit of fun.

Stumpy’s and On Ones seem to be a common theme :wink:

'Cos Specialized kick ass!

did you get this direct through on one? what was the landed cost if you did?

built this for $90…

its fun

built this for $90…

its fun