POST YOUR RIDE [Fixed Freestyle Edition]

Try and keep it to one or two pictures and a parts list.

Frame&Fork: NS Analog (Medium) 59.5cm TT/54cm ST
Bar&Stem&Grips: NS Quark Stem/NS Mint Bars UNCUT/Animal Edwin Grips
Wheelset: Velocity Chukkers 48h Rear/ 36h Front
Tyres: Kenda Kwiktrax 38c
Drivetrain: Profile 165mm/36t Profile Sprocket/15t Dura Ace Cog/ YBN SL Halflink
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC’s/Brisbane Outdoor Gear Strap Ons
Seatpost&Saddle: Thompson/Old Turbo

To Upgrade: Chris King Headset soon, cut fork steerer and maybe chuck on my BMX Profile Stem with NS District (710mm) 2010 Bars.

Nice!, hard to see at night though :stuck_out_tongue:

The man is the black,

get a better seat Gypo

my charge plug

hey mate really like your ride, do those thick tires make skidding harder because u have more grip?

well often the people who run bigger tires on their dedicated trick frames run a much smaller ratio, ergo making skids easier :slight_smile:

yes much harder, and ive never stepped it down a gear, i dislike compact gearing.

wow rideperth
you bike is dialed!

will post pics of my bike soon
still got heaps of changes i need to make though

rideperth thats dope

you guys will appreciate this more, should have posted it in this section . . .

lukkess a poooftaa

Subrosa Malum '09

sorry about crappy iphone pics

Frame: subrosa malum fixed
Fork: stock fork
Saddle: subrosa pivotal w/ shadow conspiracy seatpost
Stem: redline hollowpoint
Bars: no name 4" risers w/ oury grips
BB: euro bottom bracket
Cranks: demolition 160mm w/ profile 32t sprocket
Pedals: animal clear w/ skin grows back straps
Front wheel: deep v w/ Michelin city 32c
Rear wheel: B43 w/ michelin 32c

Nice chinois, but why 160mm cranks? Got little legs?

Got big feet not toe overlap

nice, could be just the angle but the crank arms dont look lined up, like maybe 1 spline off

I FINALLY have a bike again! after not tricking for almost a year now i finally have something i can ride!!! pretty stoked to get it going and a HUGE thanks to all the brissy guys who helped me out getting the frame :slight_smile:

Volume thrasher frame Med
Fu Manchu forks (thrasher forks will come when they arrive)
Profile 160mm cranks
Profile 36T spline drive sprocket
Demolition mid bb
Odyssey stem
Odyssey headset
NS district bars
animal edwin grips
TSC ravager pedals /bo’s
Halo Aerowarrior wheels
maxxis 38c tyres
el cheapo borrowed seatpost/seat for now - volume pivitol post + pivitol seat coming :slight_smile:

The frame has a little less clearance than what I was hoping for :(, thus will have to work on timing with my barspin hops etc. but other than that feels good after a quick 5 min ride in my driveway.

Love the blue Thrasher Plorry. Finally got my new wheels fitted today will takes some pics and update in the next few days.

attempting to upload pic…