I want to powder coat my frame and fork, possibly drops.

Know any good shops that do it?

Do I have to prepare it in anyway?

Know approximate cost?

My forks are a manganese alloy, will that be a problem?


what city?

Give Jon a call, I’m sure he’ll sort you our for whatever you need.

For Melbourne: Bell Powder, Bell Rd, Moreland (Coburg?), Talk to Ben. TCvnt gets his frames done there. I’ve had frames, bars & fenders done there. Stacks of colours, bead blasting subcontracted out for you, ~$100 for frame & fork, blasted and coated, around 1 week turnaround. No problem with carbon steel/Mn-Mo/Cr-Mo/Aluminium.

Another vote for Jon at Gripsport here.

Top bloke and knows his way around a bike. I’ve never actually had a frame coated by him but I have had some repairs on my mtb’s done by him. Great work, no complaints. The guy can fix (no, not that kind of fix) anything.

For an mtb full sus frame (3 pieces) he’s quoted me around the $160 mark including blasting etc.

I have heard nothing but bad reports on his work.

And you guys are getting stung bad for powdercoating.
Peerless Powdercoating up here in Brisbane will do frame and fork with base colour and sparkle clear coat for $80 inclusive of beadblasting.

I got a frame done and steve has has quite a few done in shapparton, $65 including sandblasting, very good finished product. If anyone is interested in getting up there, I’ll try to find out the name of the place.

I’m definately not recommending GripSport.

Bell St Powder is best.

anyone know a good powder coater in Perth ?
Also, what gives a better finish powder coating or a 2 pac paint job ?

2 pack by far - powdercoat has no depth nor lustre. You can get a metallic and you can clear-coat it, but most cheap powdercoat job quotes do not include a clearcoat (from what I have seen - tell me if I’m wrong).

I would have thought that a paint job with clear coat would come out at only marginally more expensive than a powdercoat and clear coat, so I’d go for paint.

Anyone got a cost comparision.
i’ve had a quote for single colour full frame in Sydney at $300 including shipping.

Joe Cosgrove up here (the painter who does Llewellyn’s frames) charges about $250.

Why do you need to ship it? Get it done in town! (see below)

And he is awesome (thought I’d ad that in just in case peeps were not aware of Llewellyn frame finish standards.

I had a pearl paint job done for ~$200 (not sure exactly - because my final bill included a repair by Daryll Perkins) which included stripping, prep, paint colour, pearl layer, clear-coat, sticker application and final clear-coat.

Lats - that was from Fleming at Bicycle Recycle. There was a slight blemish in the paint near the seatpost clamp, but major - come round and have a look at what I mean.

I have heard that Paconi do good paint jobs.

(sorry - more opinion)

The subcontract it out and another frame-painter-who-shall-remain-nameless (and who couldn’t do my frame) said that he’d seen a paconi job and didn’t rate to too highly - due to egg-shelling and other issues.

It’s all opinion… I was recommended Fleming and I ended up with a very nice, but not ‘perfect’ job, so you never really know what the end result may be - frame painting is a very dark art it would seem… kinda like picking the right saddle…

I was thinking about sending this up to Joe to paint. considering its a QLD road frame.

  • 1970’s Hoffy - Tange Champion tubing I think.
  1. Powdercoating is shit, there are only 2 benefits to powdercoating, the first is that it is far more durable the enamel, and the cost, if you are being quoted anywhere over $100 for a blast and coat you are being ripped off! The last I paid for a powdercoat from Mr Clean in sydney is $65, blast and coat.

  2. Peter Fleming of star enamelers is probably the best frame painter in australia, I have had many a frame painted by peter and they are all flawless, and his cost per frame is under the $200 mark for blast and coat. Check out his work: http://chainringtransitauthority.com/cta_blog/?cat=5

Other than that never ever get anything done at grip sport, the abortions he calls repairs are ugly to call it at least. I would never even think about letting him close to any of my bikes.

My paconi looked schmick when it was new and Mark was doing them in house. After a repair I had them do, it came back looking crap like a rattle-can job. I think Gripsport subs out their cleaning and coating but the one frame I had him do came back nice. I’ve had two done by Fleming at Recycle, one adequate and one nice, both jobs have proved durable. Most recent one I had done was by Matt at Kookie…blue candy acrylic over metallic black - turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse - superb job, not quick but well worth the wait.

Thats the quote I had for $300 including shipping both ways

Joe Cosgrove did a single colour with lug highliting and bits and pieces for what I recal was $180. had a pretty decent powdercoat done recently for $80.