Pre- Xmas ride, beer & bbq

Anyone keen to meet at Bondi/Sydney Park/Pyrmont for a pre xmas ride, beer & bbq?

Somewhere with water would be nice so we could have a swim.

Any evening from the 12/12/11 onwards suits me.

Wednesday 14/12 could be could to stick with tradition.


Fuck yes!

Yeh, this sounds good. I meant to say something about this a while ago but forgot.

I’m gonna vote Pyrmont, just cos it’s closest to my work :slight_smile:

Have one aaaafter christmas so I can come.

Pyrmont has BBQs I think. And you can kinda swim there, if you don’t mind a dip in the harbour…

Pyrmont it is.

Date? Wenesday 14/12 or 21/12?

And Dylan we’ll have another when you are here.

Will there be beers and good times in the sun? With sunscreen, of course.

I’m in for sure.

A Wednesday at Pyrmont sounds good to me. I can make either date.

Hell yea we can have a merry Dylan is here BBQ!

We’ll just have two Dylan. Unsure if I can make the 14th, but I could make the 21st. As usual, I won’t know until a few days beforehand so plan around me and I’ll try to adjust. Good idea Rod! It’s been too long since we all got together in one place.

it was jonno’s idea - i just put it in writing.

21st is good for me…shall we lock it in Eddie?

Yep, lock it in :slight_smile:

I’m voting a Bondi BBQ for the Dylan North Bondi is a pretty epic BBQ spot!

Bondi BBQ for Dylan -Pyrmont BBQ for us

i like it rod and i will attend prawns and all

woo…tomorrow I wil try and do facebook thingy.

fork yeah 21st sounds sweet!

doo eeet!

Locked in.

actually mr chin will be in town in early jan as well so the dylan bbq could also have a chin flavour as well

Wednesday 21st Dec at Pyrmont? I’m in.