Presto Randonneur 1988

I bought this bike from the original owner who had it custom made in 1988. It was still in awesome shape and only needed a good clean and fresh polish.
It’s built at Presto Amsterdam by Jan van Dalen (Duell) who worked there between 1987 and early nineties. It’s pretty cool to see his signature marks on the frame as well as the original Presto / Jan Legrand details.
Because Presto mostly made road bikes this randonneur is special on its own.
Built up with Shimano parts (Biopace Crank and M-700 ‘Deer Head’ front and back derailleur, brakes, levers) SR stem, steer and seat post and Mavic rims with Panaracer Tour Guard tires and Vetta Saddle and front rack (back rack not attached), all original. Maybe the best thing is it came with the original bill:)

Let me know what you think!

Damn that’s sweet!!

Very nice.


Great bike. Great pics. Dude, I’m impressed.

The forward mounted rear canti’s, the panto, the original handwritten invoice.

So rad!

I’m imagining how good it would look with nice shiny silver fenders.

Amazing find. Love it.

What was the thinking behind the forward-facing rear brake?

Best bike I’ve seen all week (and I dont do much else than looking at bikes in my spare time, at work, after work, before work), this is just amazingly good looking!

Stunning. Cantis protected from whatever might be on a rear rack this way?


Such a lovely bike.
Is that a Biopace triple?

Wow, beautiful.

Thanks guys! I’m really happy with it as well. It arrived all taken apart in a box to save on postage so I had a great time assembling it as well:)
I’m going with Alibi’s comment about the rear brake. Original set up was with a rear rack but I decided to not install it.
And yes, A triple Biopace. It took me about 5 minutes to get used to and now it feels like a regular crank.

Really cool!