Product Spotlight: All City Nature Boy Singlespeed

I know there were a few people thinking about these…
A good review

These look sweeeeeeet

landed here for under $1000 =pretty great. i wish my all-city big block had fender mounts now

You pretty happy with your big block so far Liam? Good looking bikes. You’re right less than a grand landed is a steal. CX aside, I can’t see much else rivaling this as a solid commuter/cross bike either. Wish I knew about these before I built my on one il pompino.

EDIT: i thought it had rack mounts, ahwell

yeah, i think they’re pretty much the same bike with different geo and canti mounts. mine is real tough, haven’t had any problems besides the long reach caliper being not quite long enough. i sold the stock wheels to tom hall, and he was couriering on them, so i think they were durable as well. paint is strong as well.

Yeah, I was looking at these the other day. None too shabby.

torn between this and the traitor crusade as my first cx bike… traitor still has it for my by and inch though

go the traitor, it’s shit hot! the all city is nice too, but get the traitor

been emailing back and forth with the australasia distributor in nz all week

Prolly did a review of the All City on his blog too…

As a “town bike”
Review: All-City Nature Boy Cross Bike (Prolly Is Not Probably)

Not as a “town bike”
An Update to the All-City Nature Boy (Prolly Is Not Probably)

I really want one.
What else compares to it, keeping in mind I never want to run gears and I’m a giant so need something BIG…

looking at getting one of these for the girlie, does any one know how the would go about getting one into the country. LAM how did you get you big block in? website? or dealer? - life is short - enjoy the ride postage was $89 and took about 1 1/2 weeks

All-City | Blog

Looks like they are making a special Columbus Zona version of the Nature Boy too. Looks pretty hot

love the fork on the allcity…

Zac Effron is all over the Nature Boy!
All-City | Blog

Has anyone here ridden one of these? I am quite tempted to get one when I am in New York in July, but given that I am 90kgs not a very ‘delicate’ rider, do you think I would need to upgrade the wheelset?

Yo! Would anyone like to report on these? I will soon be in the market for a new commuter seeing as the knee is giving me the shits. I am happy to hear advice from anyone as well. Looking for a do it all bike that I can ride to work on for about 1.5k, the option to step out on to some firetrail would be rad so this is why I was thinking of this particular bike.

Other options I have laying around is the On-One Pompetamine, On-One Pompino or Swobo Crosby.

These All City’s are siiiick, and All City have distribution through Dirt Works in Australia…