Professional graphic designers

Any chance you have some spare time to redesign the foa background?

I would like to maintain a semblance of Australia somehow - You may or may not have noticed the two cities in the current background are Melbourne on top and Sydney underneath (Sorry Sydney; you know how it is…).

It must fade to a single colour, and be up to 2000px wide. I’ll give whoever makes something good a tee or something…

If this thread gets clogged with joke backgrounds I will get pissy.

i should be able to whip something up when i get home , what dpi is your current bg??

Web DPI is always 72 -

256 or under in terms of colour is good too; PNG

not sure if this is the kind of direction your going for but , i whipped this up in 10 min , just mocked it up with the header so you get a feel for the background …

as you may notice its brunswick velodrome and i used Melbourne cityscape to fade into black…

ps. im still at work hopefully i dont get busted for designing things other than my work haha

^ Do you realise you just copied the old background?

as for the fixed logo that was just for placement, does the original have a velodrome in it? must of missed that one

May 2006: :: Index

July 2007: - Index

The original* background had Brunswick Velodrome behind a city skyline (from memory).

  • Original in March 2009.

cheers well lucky i only wasted 10 min of my time :slight_smile: hahha

^ Don’t get me wrong, I thought yours looked good…

he’s new here. ppl are always making the same shit indepently :slight_smile:

I think Camoshops one isn’t bad, ofcourse it’d be cool to have a few to choose and vote on, but I’d be happy to log into that.

yeah i hadn’t seen that one before , i only whipped it up in 10 min , i finish work at 1 on fridays so when i get home i’ll spend an hour on one and see what i come up with , had a few ideas on my boring train ride home even for a new header logo and menu =]

Can we also look at modernising the theme somehow? Complete VB - vBulletin skins. All vBulletin themes just $34.95! , vBulletin 4 Skins - Quality vBulletin 4.0 themes from Pure vBulletin or tweaking the stylesheet to suit the background.

No joke backgrounds eh? There goes all my ideas :confused:

Haha, blast from the past!

And powdah, yeah, modernising the theme is a nice idea. Which one is your favourite of the paid themes you linked?

Camoshop we did have the brunswick velodrome blended into the skyline as one of the original headers, but I do like where you were going with it, and yours is nicer than my old one (I’m not a graphic designer… )

cheers nick ,

her eis another i did up quick whilst at work :stuck_out_tongue:

NOTE: click on image to view larger

so you can get an idea how the info would sit , im sure the links would fit along the top line next to the fixed gear header

I will smash something up at lunch.

Camo, can you put ‘gear’ under ‘fixed’? To me it looks like GEAR FIXED.