Pub Footy this Sunday.

Have you ever dreamed of watching mediocre athletes chase a waterlogged football around a muddy oval, potentially in the rain?

Do you enjoy sitting in the warmth of the grandstand, drinking alcoholic beverages, listening to excellent tunes and mocking some of FOA’s finest?

Would you like to see me get knocked on my ass numerous times, probably by Trigger, who is on my team?

Ever wondered what Trigger’s perfect hair will do when caked with mud?

Well come on down to the AG Gillon oval in Brunswick on Sunday to watch the Renegade Pub Footy League. There’s games from 11.30, but our team - the East Brunswick Eye Gougers - will be playing sometime around 2 or 2.30.

if someone could gram this for me that’d be super.

At the end of my street, i will have to pop down.

Yes. I’ll be there.

good. i will be depending on you for medical support. trigger has already knocked me over in training. it took a while to get back up again.

Trigger is a beast of a man. I would hate to be tackled by that guy. Good luck brenno

I wholly endorse coming to this. This is the best kind of footy - On a scale between ‘kicking the footy down the main st of a small country town’ and ‘the AFL Grand final’ this is thankfully and enjoyably closer to the former.

Come down and have a can of beer and a sad looking sausage wrapped in some almost transparent white bread while you try and work out which mud-caked individual is actually the friend you’re supposed to be screaming at.

I’ll be there. Might even bring my girlfriend. Yeah! you heard that right. a freakin girlfriend. I’ve changed man. I used to be cool.


I’m in purely to meet Chaz’ girlfriend

I’m in, coz, what else is there to do? riding? pffft! Fooootay!

Well this is just great.

i’m on TinyTurtle duty sunday arvo, if the food intakes align i’ll come on out with him.

time to contribute to this?

and also, FB event page here:

for those of you who were unable to come down but are still wondering… trigger’s hair did not move. not a strand out of place.


Did you score a try? I told Sime to tell you that, hope he did.

It’s nice to be appreciated, thanks teach.

lack of Instagram coverage is most disappointing.

an awesome time. not the least because trigger’s really was the most elegant thing on the field. the post-game analysis by the players is as good as it always was too (i coulda/woulda/shoulda…)

trigger’s hair and me about to be tackled by a girl:

Renegade Pub Football League - Arts & Entertainment - Broadsheet Melbourne

There is a match this sunday? What time the gougers?