PVD vs Blood

So this started popping up on all the social medias yesterday and I would like to get an insight into the rulings.


In my opinion, apart from both having really difficult surnames to spell, they should both be disqualified. PVD for the hefty shove putting Blood into the bunting, then Blood for the grabby hands.


I was there man. There was argy bargy for a lot of the race. Up until the elbow throw you could, at a stretch put it down to ‘racing’. The wheel grab was a step too far. I listened to both give their accounts to commissaires too. Both lucky.

^ great pic

Too much controversy in footy recently, CX wanted a bit of its own.

Even the dog looks guilty.

More importantly - what happened after both crossed the line? Did it continue then?

The dog buckled under cross examination. It was pretty ruff*.

The riders ended up congratulating each other through clenched teeth

Nobody knows. They were vying for last place and everybody else had gone home.

Probably could have caught up if he hadn’t been busy having a tanty.

There have been so many exciting races between these two this year, both losing to each other either through wrong decisions on obstacles, mechanical issues or falls. It is no secret one of the riders has reputation for less than sporty behaviour. In my opinion, both riders misjudged the corner, and tried to untangle. Reasons now given say the course may not have been wide enough, min of 3 m?
I’ ve had to make some difficult calls in races, after seeing this perhaps I won’t betting my hand up to officiate any CX races. That they were in the lead by some way and contesting for first and second, I believe it was correct to let the final result stand. It is very sad that after some fantastic displays of skill and speed this season, it seems this video is going viral, among the masses.

Yeah, this has happened in other sports as well. This hit at 0.39 in went world wide.


Na, I doubt anyone can outsprint PVDP in CX, which makes the whole incident a bit strange as if they came into the final straight even you’d put your money on PVDP any day.

There was a similar incident with PVDP + two others at the CX in Sydney a few years back. Result stood as per finishing order with a few choice words.
At least there is some consistency in the call.

Yeah good luck rolling over pvdp, good luck mouthing off about it too haha.
All Aussie CX races seem to be narrow compared to the northern hemisphere ones I see or is this not right?
Nothing against the racing or the courses but just an outside observation.

Last fojcx I had a dad ask me to be a witness that we saw a kid have a hand up of water and his son didn’t, I told him what I thought in a few tradie words.

It’s like that band NOCX said in “The Separation Of 'Cross And Mates”…

“When did CX become so safe?
I know it wasn’t Blood or Vandy,
Who put up the barriers
Like a stake in the heart?
Somehow we got driven apart”

Hey Chippy, you might get Plastered if you Spark up something like that. That’s poor Formwork. Best you just Build a bridge.


some good old fashioned argy-bargy, some high heart rate silliness/stupidity, then a lot of noise online.

neither of the two of them came out looking good, but the comms ruled and thats the final word. they saw it and were able to watch more than a couple of videos of it before ruling. elite/UCI regs are full of intricacies that i can’t pretend to understand.

J-blood posted a great photo last night where he essentially said ‘we put a lot into elite racing, we are out there to win, sometimes things go wrong, thats life, congrats to paul’

paul’s dad summed it up well… essentially paul got lucky that day, chris didnt…

while i would have easily backed vandy to win it, he’d had to fight hard in the last few laps as J-Blood had been dictating the pace so theres no telling if he’d have kept it rubber side down in the last 2 corners (history has shown thats not always a given, and NCXS this year has been full of last lap mishaps) or had the distance/gas to get over chris as the finish straight was only about 70m.

i didnt like either action but the worst part for me is that up until that point it had been a great race. both had fought hard (like they do) and come back from mistakes and for the race to be summed up by this does an injustice to what had happened before it (or the efforts of the other racers).

Dayne - course was the regulation 3m width all around i’m pretty sure. WC courses do run a lot wider to better deal with the increased traffic but there are a lot of instances where there are choke points that hit the min width (or less :wink: )

I was chatting with a guy this morning who was a commissaire at the Canberra rounds. He told me that Blood and PVD didn’t get a warning or fine. I was surprised to hear that didn’t get some sort of warning at least, I’m not holding the view that they should be disqualified but some sort of reprimand wouldn’t have gone astray I reckon.

you and the rest of the world are surprised.

a little birdy told me that MTBA have raised it to the UCI (as the chief comm was appointed by the UCI). either way, some sort of public statement explaining the decision would have reduced a whole lot of the noise around this. fwiw - the appropriate fine is 200F I’m told.

however given that plagiarizing other media’s reports is SOP I’m not surprised they haven’t worked out how to type up something.