QLD Cyclocross 2016

Proper wet CX racing today.

Kudos to all those who got into their skin suits and braved the weather.

And to Brad, Andrew and crew for running the event, well done. Maaike was stoked to have a crack at the Balance Bike division even if she got distracted by someone ringing a cowbell halfway through and pulled the pin.

P.S. someone better post that video.

Wow, it got deep.

Great fun from a spectator point of view. Two big crashes in the creek. Scotty and later the Chain Gang guy in the orange skinsuit (sorry, I don’t know your name). Big ups to Marty for riding through the creek every lap, one of the few people to even try riding it. Instagram #qldcx has plenty of pics.

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Scotty’s endo in the creek was a ripper.

Lan was the guy from Chain Gang.

With 3 laps to go Declan was yelling at me the creek was flooding - I didn’t believe him until I saw the pictures on the gram. Went from nothing to waist deep in about 10 minutes…

Well done to Jordan for chopping Mark Chadwick at the start and sending him over the bars (don’t worry your secret is safe with me)

Congrats on another well received event Brad and the rest of the QLDCX crew :slight_smile:

great job everybody!

keen to set up max heckle vantage point for ncxs

Been roped in to do camera work for live streaming, will ask for Heckle Hill positioning…

Maaike has a little what I did on the weekend report for daycare.

hahahaha brilliant.

Race looked pretty incredible with that rain.

I think we need to heckle cloud sync / workshop


So good. The bit about Declan is gold!

Sholto has a great pic of Scotty doing an endo.


nice recovery though straight to the wash bay with a bent hanger a solid DNF next to my name