Quadruple? Hextuple? triangle

have not seen this before. anyone?

been floating around ebay for a few months. many want, but i dont trust that lug in the seat tube.

Yeah, that frame is toast.

I could understand if that seat tube was straight, then it would be like a Mixte with a top tube, but that’s just weird.

^for track sprintering
moar tubes = Moar stifferer
also less wheelbase like any other bent/split seat tube or flying gate designs

ST center lug does look exceedingly dubious

^how does a shorter wheelbase affect performance? (serious)

shorter chain stays would be less flexy, dunno if that’s all there is to it though.
just know evenyone loves teh short chain stays (good for sick manuals as well)

Supposed ‘snappier’ handling?
It also allows a tighter bunch in a team pursuit which is why many lopros of the era have curved tubes and offset seat tubes (as on the laser/the euro pursuits) to bring the rear as close to the bottom bracket as possible.

Short chainstays mean lifting the rear wheel with power down but quick and snappy to change lines-great for crits not so good for long swooping corners descending…
Typically you’ll find longer wheelbases on tourers, on the flip side track and tt will a have short wheelbase my 2c