Quattro or Smarty?

Looking to ditch my SPD’s for either Quattros or Smarty’s but have experience with neither.

Riding a Surly Steamroller for a commuter and training bike mostly around the inner city streets. I push it pretty hard so durability is a factor.

Suggestions? Anyone using either of these pedals already I would really appreciate your advice.


Sorry, Quattro, Smarty or Candy. any of the three.


Eggbeater SLs.

whats the difference between the eggbeaters and the candys?

eggbeaters don’t have a platform like the candys.

ill give the eggbeaters a go. Thanks snowflake

Candys are ok, the little platform is actually useful imo.

I’ve got Candys in the cupboard but the platform doesn’t play well with my Specialized shoes.

If the budget allows get Eggbeater (or Candy) SL, not C.

IME, the Cs bend axles easily. SLs have been very durable for me.

Can I ask why you are going over to the eggbeaters from SPDs?

I have ridden with the eggbeaters and I don’t rate them at all. I have found that they feel really loose on your feet. To the point where you hear a knocking noise. A few people have complained that from this happening, it wears out the sole on your riding shoes.

I get a more direct feel with the SPDs that I can’t get with any other pedals.

My opinion on Crank Bros stuff… look awesome, don’t work as well as they look.

I found SPD’s really hard to get out of quickly when coming to an unexpected stop. It’s given me grief (crashes) a couple of times.

I just picked up some eggbeater SL’s before. Pretty impressed so far. Lots easier to get in and out of than SPD’s. Think I’ll change the release angle to 20 degrees though as 15 seems a bit small.

You can adjust how tight the SPDs hold you in. Some people have it set up pretty tight, I have mine set up so it is easy to clip out in an emergency, but tight enough so your foot doesn’t fling out mid jump.

lol, sorry I should have started the thread stating that I’m not a complete noob. I had tried varying spring tensions on the SPD’s with no luck. When push came to shove I would often get stuck in the pedals when I least needed it.

I do have roadie SPD-SL’s on my road bike and have never had issues with them. It was just the mountain SPD’s on my fixie that gave me grief

SPD + Fix = bad (my opinion)

I’m riding XT’s atm and they always pull out when skiding, a lot of the couriers and guys who have been riding clipless for a while up here use Time ATAC. The problem with the SPD’s is they disengage from the back so when you pull your front foot up to skid you disengage. (definately not good at speed in traffic)
I did an experiment on my spd’s last week and swapped the right pedal to the left spindle and left pedal to the right spindle so the mechanism was at the front it worked a treat while skidding, never pulled out but the feel on engage- disengage was shit to say the least.
Long story short, i’m getting Time’s.

I’ve just done a few hours of some hard riding on the eggbeaters and I’ve changed my opinion of them. before i said they were pretty impressive…well now I fucking love them.

big cheers snowflake for the recommendation. :smiley:

changing the release angle from 15 to 20 degrees also made me feel more comfortable in them

Good stuff.

I don’t know how people can stand to ride anything else :slight_smile:


I used to run shimano SPD’s and hated how hard they were to engage/disengage.
I’m primarily a mountain biker, and the mud plays a big effect in the SPD’s performance too.

I made the switch to Crank Brothers system on all my bikes and its one of the best things I’ve done.

Was only natural to keep with the same System when i got my Fixie (I run the same pair of Sidi Dragon shoes on all my bikes) so I didnt have multiple shoes etc.

Am running the Smartys on my Capo atm and love them. Have never pulled out of them by accident, and have always been able to get out of them in a hurry when I need to. I have utmost trust in them :slight_smile:

Untill something better comes along, I’ll be sticking with the crank brothers stuff for sure.

Plus I’m not a huge fan of straps…

But they always fuckin’ break! Pretty much everyone who runs Crank Bros pedals snaps them regularly. Maybe it’s all the rocky trails down here.

I’m definitely an SPD fan on the mtb, but they do suck balls when it comes to mud.

I’ve had two sets of Eggbeater C and both axles bent in both pairs within a few months. Since then I’ve had several pairs of Eggbeater SLs and a pair of Candy SLs with zero problems.

I think the Cs are crap and the SLs are good.

A mate of mine just siezed a bearing in the Smarties last week riding XC. He’s switched to Candy C’s now. Will see how long they last. I’m still running both my pairs of Smarties on my fixie and XC bikes with no drama’s as yet. I’m only 65kg though.

Smarty’s are crap… Candy’s are great. I run them on 2 of my bikes.