Question: Using brifter on a 1x setup?

Hi all,

Eyeballing a use gravel bike that’s a bit of a mix of parts. Most noticeably it pairs Shimano Ultegra 685 levers and brakes with a 1x setup, which means that the left hand shifter does nothing. I have two questions:

  1. Can you mechanically lock the left hand lever so it doesn’t rotate since there’s nothing for it to shift?
  2. If you can’t, how annoying/floppy is it going to be as a result?

I do not have a bike with brifters to compare with, so any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!

I have this setup on my gravel/cross bike.

You can’t lock it (to my knowledge). I just shift it up and down for something to do on the boring bits of road. Feelsgoodman.


Use the left shifter to activate a dropper post.


Noted! As long as it isn’t flopping about too loosely then I don’t consider it to be particularly problematic.

Ahh, so the actuation is the same? Not sure I’d be riding anything gnarly enough to justify it, but good to know the option is there. I think the frame has external dropper post routing (Jamis Renegade in steel).

no idea how it all works, but I’ve seen left shifters hooked up to the dropper. I’m sure someone in internet-land can advise. @AL9000 might know a thing or two.

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Im running 1x with Ultegra 8020 brifters and can confirm no flopping.

but damn, HM got me thinking about how to set up a dropper with the left hand (assuming the pull is sufficient)

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Sorry for delayed replies! Thanks for this info. The bike sold anyway, since I was slow to move. Probably would have been a good buy, but I will wait for the next opportunity.