Raceline with Campagnolo Disc

Looks like a fine deal if your local.

Raceline Record Keith oliver limited Edition Track bike, with Campagnolo Disc | eBay

indeed. someone get on it.

All over this. Seeing about getting a mate who lives in Maitland to pick it up.

If I lived close I would have clicked BIN already.

Click first, organise shipping second.

superbe low flange hubs?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from looking cool, what would one actually use a disc wheel for?

looking fresh^

I dont know why nodody/I has hit BIN yet.

It’s a 2houur drive from Sydney! My gf’s bro lives in Rutherford… Hmmmm ha ha!

Going fast, sounding cool, getting blown off the road in crosswinds

I have a campy khamsin disc they must be cool.

Just interested in the attraction of the disc since I can’t imagine many/if any scenarios where you would get to use them, even if racing on the velodrome.

For a mantelpiece bike, I understand.

Nope on second thoughts I’m out. Rode home, on the way I realised I have no need for a disc, and would rather spend the money on parts I actually need for my commuter, the bike I ride every day, as opposed to once a week. Good buying though for whoever gets it.

+1 to all this.

Seller will get LBS to box and organise courier. hubs are DMAS - dunno what they are???

Good buying

DMAS, lulz.

OMAS, main

Have disc. Stiff as fuck. Goes like shit off a Teflon shovel.

surprised no one has taken this yet

I’ve been tempted since I saw it this afternoon but decided my money would be better spent on a roadie.

sell frame & disc

oh its so tempting but i just purchased a new bike yesterday and the girlfriend will kill me