Rad rides - overnight / day trips

Just starting a thread for ideas for possible overnight / rando trips etc etc

Camping in Springbrook National Park

  • Roll out from robina train station - Ride up springbrook (Good test for loaded gear and bikes)
  • Overnight at campsite
  • Next morning roll up to best of all look out then roll back down

March / April? Good shakedown before winter of gear & items

Antman also had a few ideas and im sure brad will too

subscribed !

I have many routes planned. Keen to see what others have!

Micro adventures near the city are rad too. I have a few spots in mind.

Micro adventures in the city?

I will mention it closer to the date, but I am planing a trip in July from Stanthorpe to Noosa. Will take 8 days, but there will be opportunities for people to jump in and out along the way. About 90% gravel roads.


Also keen on a over nighter on Straddie


$800 fat bike from Reid if you’re going to Straddie.

Keen to join in. I’m pretty limited with gear but am happy to rough it.

Unemployed life might give me more time for sleeping outside

Let go or quit?

Retrenched but they keep pushing the date out, makes me lazy to apply for jerbs

i have so many plans!
was thinking about 23/24 april up to Maleny. stay at a pub so pretty cheap accom.
about 120ks day one (2 climbs) and less day 2 (with train bailout options)

springbrook is a wicked spot. Be aware no fires, but has BBQ’s and basic amenities. It’s a really quiet spot though
do the walk around the waterfall and shit too. Well worth it

Putting it out there second of April

That’s enough heads up

Saturday night, overnighter somewhere easy to get to good shakedown of gear

I’m in for April 2nd. Location B-nut?

I’m keen but will have to get out of working.