Ralpha Super Cross in Sydney Park - 16 Nov

Rapha Super Cross

So, they’re bringing a cross race to the inner west. I’m pretty excited.

In case you’re not excited, here are some inspirational photos:

And if you’re looking for inspiration for the costume race, look no further:


I won’t be there, don’t even bother, guys…

I’m gonna be stockpiling sleep for the Newcastle overnighter. So probs won’t be there.
Cross is dead anyways.

Lol look at me just smirking away.

Already in my calendar. Need to wort out some CX tyres for then however, doubt the paselas will cut it.

Also need a licence? Anyone know whats up with that for this event?

If it all ends up to hard Ill bring a cowbell and heckle with some friends.

EDIT: Just registered. Going to have to practice/get moderately less fat in two weeks.

Anyone around Annandale/Leichhardt want some 'cross practice?

Yep. Maybe tomorrow arvo?

Will make up some mdf practice barriers, what height are they usually?

Max 400mm, but often less.

I once practiced in the park using a small piece of bark - and probably looked a bit silly to the average passer by.

What is the inspiration for Super Cross?
By and large the 'cross scene in Australia doesn’t contain any of the party atmosphere of its US counterpart. It’s time to bring the party to Australia and make some noise.

I’m glad someone is going to finally bring the party to Australia for us… I’m sure the other race organisers are as glad as we (DDCX) are that there will finally be some ‘party atmosphere and noise’ at races.

Yeah, shit, I mean, look at all those racers in the photos above having a boring time. Where are they racing? In a gulag?

fkn lol.
How does this new party and noise theme work with their traditional pain and suffering theme?

party and noise doesn’t show very well when filmed in B&W w/ an atmospheric soundtrack…you’ll just have to close your eyes and IMAGINE!

Route preview. Mostly on/around the big hill at the park. Does not look like fun times for the SSCX riders.

that’s how you get support from the other promoters of a small and up-n-coming category… tell them they have been no fun and running crap events for the last 4 years!

bravo Sydney… way to make yourself look like douchebags again.
Rapha Super Cross Melbourne | Rapha

Looks like a shit time

The racers turned up in droves and the fans came screaming and clanging their cowbells for the inaugural Melbourne Rapha Super Cross.

It’s still early days for cross racing in Australia but the scene is bubbling with a contagious energy.

Maybe Rapha just forgot about the Melbourne event.

ftfy. don’t go dragging all of Sydney into it.

Fuck this, I’m changing my excuse from “being away” to “boycotting”.
I’m making a statement, fvck Rvphv

Argh. that FAQ answer really annoys me. I never thought I’d be proud of my partying, but when someone refuses to acknowledge it outright, I’m suddenly quite hurt. Am I to now assume that I sprayed half my beer on Benzy for nothing? fuck.

i would encourage everyone to write to rapha about this matter. i’m a bit pissed off about it too, but as a former organizer / current blatherer, it looks biased coming from me.

Rapha, helping grasss roots cycling ‘have fun’.
What a brand