Ramon (the not a McBain thread)

Too many times smaller or lesser known Aussie made frames go on eBay without much interest and with very little correct info. History going down the drain at a time when I’m sure there’s many out there who’d be happy to preserve such frames and take an interest in them. I encourage all to post on here so that we keep some of this local interest intact and so this thread can serve as a reference for others to either ID or search through. Otherwise it’s a McBain.

Oh yeah … post pics please … ebay picture hosting doesn’t last very long. Also keep in mind that often sellers don’t know much about the makes nor history, misinformation can become “fact” if quoted long enough. No need to post the seller’s copy unless it’s valid & true.

To kick things off here’s a Ramon. It’s not a “Team Ramon” … just a Ramon with what looks like Prugnat long point lugs that were used my many Aussie builders from the era. To add interest I’ve also included a couple of magazine pages pertinent to the marque.


My ‘hillman’ (still yet to verify with hillman) has a very similar fork crown!!

nice thread idea

Should be a sticky.

Nah. What it does need is a few more bikes on this thread, a little momentum … and with time hopefully it will be a good spot to out local made bikes and also to compare details. Unfortunately there is no one datatbase, and as ebay is for the most the biggest source of bikes we should highlight Aussie made frames so we can spread the word.

though I would assist with the momentum.

Small Milton Jones “MJ Capo” frame and fork | eBay

made by Milton Jones. A Perth frame builder. He Lives a 5 Minutes ride from me. A few of his frames have popped up on the net. Here are a few.

He also does frame repairs.

Farrow’s Flying Fixie’s Frame has been Fixed.



This thread is also good, as It acts as a little database for others in the future who are looking for information:)

Champion :wink: These Capo’s are new to me but I like what I’ve seen.

The burgundy Capo track frame has what appears to be a Zeus 2001 fork crown and Pista track ends. There were also French made copies of the Zeus track ends.

VeloBase.com - View Single Frame Part
VeloBase.com - View Single Frame Part

Would you put Euro Sport in this camp?

This last one is for sale quite cheap in Bendigo. There is also a 50cm Hillman track frame for $300 listed also.

EDIT: sorry, at this link: http://www.bendigocyclingclub.com.au/for_sale.html

I would, As I have never heard of them. Who makes them? They look nice!

You bet. If you can … fill in some info on the builder, era, identifiable features (if it had no decals/paint).

Brian Hayes?

Yeah they are DAMN nice. I bid on pista a couple of years ago and stupidly let it go at $600! What was I thinking…

In any case, there’s a bit on Brian Hayes and Euro Sport on Fyxo. here: fyxomatosis

check out this for homegrown porn

Also didn’t he make frames (funny bikes) for the 1990 Commonwealth Games Australian track team?

Yup, Brian Hayes made Euros. Adelaide builder, made a bunch of frames for the AIS. Has made some bullshit nice pursuit frames and track frames. The two Euros I’ve seen in the flesh were amazing. Did his own paint at one point too. My friend Mark has a really, really nice Euro track.

His Euro has BH stamped / panto’d on the front of the forks where the brake hole would be. Also have seen a seen a semi-pursuit track bike getting around Adelaide.

Fyxo knows more than me about them though.

ok ok, I know it is not the Mcbain thread, But while surfing the interwebs I came across this.

The guy has added couplers to a mcbain. And how did that make it all the way to NYC!

it started like this.

The McBain Rainier Wolfcastle Limited Edition Vintage Tazmanian Track Bike on velospace, the place for bikes

and after.


Seen on the steets, with the only practical locking method.

maybe it’s just me, but i’m sure you can be a right royal douche and steal the forks/front half of the bike.

undo front wheel, undo S&S couplers…

If you happen to be walking around with the S&S tool

Locking wrench / pliers is the same tool. I use Hozan lockring pliers on my S&S’d bikes.

I will supply a bunch of photos of an early (1982, #15) Frezoni (Cycle Design / Joe Cosgrove) soon, Joe pointed out all the little details that identify his early frames (undecal’d if built for Kevin Thom(p?)son) to me on the weekend.

Bob Farleigh Track.

I believe he bought it off ebay. I don’t think he knew anything about McBains, just wanted a steel track frame to operate on!

Split seat tube Frezoni. Tange Aerodynamic tubing.