Random Rides

Ok so I’m always going for a ride at random times during the day during the week due to weird work hours and am never available when all the other group rides are on. I can’t be the only one!! This is the random rides thread get on it…

So if your if your up for a loop in next 15mins let’s go! I’m talking to you Ollie!

Anyone up for a ride in the morning?? Loop, GEAR, 6:30?? I’m going either way…

do an aiport loop brah… i gotta start work at 7 anyways

where and when man

i normally head straight from greenslopes through gabba/valley/out ksd. will be leaving from mine at 6:20 probly

So opposite Planet Cycles in bound (out front of that 24H JET Gym) bout 6:30 - 6:40 sound good?

Yeah woulda bin biut 630. Maybe i was a touch early sorry

dang I just finished a double loop. would have hooked you up had I seen this thread sooner.

All good man, recon I was few mins late hey. Woke a bit Flu’y this morning

lol what’s wrong with u ppl? given the choice to sleep in warm be, or get up and ride in the freezing cold, i know what i choose. it was 8 fuckin degrees when i rolled out this morning…

haha, is it wrong that I enjoy the cold?

username should be more pink than red, ya big girls blouse

Getting back on topic - and away from my brother’s questionable sexuality - in terms of random rides, I was contemplating jumping on the afternoon train tomorrow (prior to peak) and riding back from the goldie on dusk/early evening.

Does this sort of thing interest anyone else?

If you want to ride the train head north and I’ll pick you up on my way home from the sunny coast,
Saves the hassle of taking your bike on the train.

Anyone up for a ride this arvo?? Any time time from now onwards really

Anyone fancy a river loop leaving from CBD around 6:15 tomorrow morning? Head says I should go but the pull of my warm bed is overwhelming.

Can’t make it for 6:15 but if you stay in bed I can do anytime after 9 hey.

I didn’t get to bed early enough and the thought of not being able to feel my fingers and toes for the fourth time in a week didn’t appeal! Unfortunately I’m at work at 9, it would be much more palatable then.