Rapha Film Premier

just got this email.

Rapha invites you to the pre-release screening of our new Rapha Continental film, Van Diemen’s Land, on Saturday the 25th of February at Cinema Nova (Melbourne).

To make an evening out of it we’ll also be celebrating the classic cycling feature film Breaking Away (1979).

When: Saturday 25th February at 7.00pm
Where: Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC in Cinema 3 [map]
What: Rapha Continental, Van Diemen’s Land and Breaking Away double header.
1.5hrs total
Tickets: $10 each. All proceeds will be donated to the Amy Gillett Foundation.

Tickets will not be sold at the door and are strictly limited. Please bring receipt as proof of purchase.

Purchase tickets here » Movie Night in Melbourne | Rapha

i might go

I can’t believe I won’t be here for this…

Don’t wory Trigger - I still consider you the Rapha Film Premier.

i’m in sorrento this weekend, so i might just stare longingly out at the bay, maybe get some people to take some b&W pics of me, maybe have a coffee at a cafe and take a photo of it with half a muffin in the frame…


good way to kill some time.

You’re a sweetheart.

I’m in Pt. Lonsdale… if we try and stare at each other over the bay, it could really add to the epicness of our photo’s. Just sayin.

oh undoubtedly epic.

I just imagined pink Rapha lasers shooting out of both your eyes and meeting equidistantly over the rip and then exploding, causing the tortured souls of a thousand tortured hill climbers to rain down on Sorrento and Point Lonsdale where they’d look around and obviously be pretty disgusted by the whole situation, and if not, somewhat confused…

but still, resolutely, epic…

st cloud 2nd birthday is that night and i have heard a certain diesel (who knows carbon fibre) is celebrating moving into another decade that weekend (though not sure if thats friday or saturday night.

im tempted though!

controversial opinion: watching most bike films is about as exciting as watching someone eat a sandwich.

what kind of sandwich?


epic Dagwood sandwich, obvs

sold out. anyone have an extra ticket i can buy?

I will defend Mash SF til deth. So fresh.

mmmmm my favourite. washed down with some niiiiiiice tepid tapjuice

Skyjuice. Or cloudmilk.

Water. Like out the toilet?