Rapha Gentlemen's Race - Adelaide

Just got an email inviting me along to this.


coz baums.

The net and baums and cool epic pain anticipated on your face

But how do Rapha nose i gotz Baums?

Cycling Illuminati?

it is known.

is there meant to be a link ?

No link, just an email to me - a nod, wink & special handshake.

Team of six, including at least one female rider, $150 + carton of beer per team entry fee.
150kms of sealed and gravel roads with epicness guaranteed.

there is nothing gentlemanly about a bike race

You could get your drag on and pretend to be trappy feet Ben.

Clearly this is not really a bike race. It’s all about well groomed facial hair (hopefully only for the gentlemen)
and epicness.

Treadly have a team. I was offered a spot, but declined because I have so much other stuff on between now and then.

And I’m slow on a bike.

Fiasco Ciclismo did the last Melbourne one. Not sure how they went in the “race” side of things.

I declined and I wasn’t even offered a spot.

In case you wanted to know how it went
Team Name Start Time Finsh Time Finish Place Time Taken Place
Allez Mallee 7:52am 1:48pm 2 5hr 56min 1
Rapha Continental 8:05am 2:07pm 6 6hr 02min 2
Whippets Workshop 7:46am 1:50pm 3 6hr 04min 3
Pro Cycling Tours 7:48am 1:58pm 4 6hr 10min 4
Bastardi Gruppetto 8:02am 2:19pm 7 6hr 17min 5
Sons of Altona 7:22am 1:42pm 1 6hr 20min 6
Fiasco Supha 7:20am 2:05pm 5 6hr 45min 7
Rut Rollers 7:32am 2:19pm 8 6hr 47min 8
Quivering Quads 7:30am 2:29pm 9 6hr 59min 9
Fiasco Ciclismo 7:56am 2:56pm =12 7hr 00min 10
Power – On 7:38am 2:40pm 11 7hr 02min 11
Punk / Fiasco 7:44am 2:56pm =12 7hr 12min 12
Adelaide Uni Cycling Club 7:26am 2:39pm 10 7hr 13min 13
Hairy Goats CC 7:34am 3:11pm 14 7hr 37min 14
Treadly Epic 7:26am 3:22pm 15 7hr 56min 15
Velo–Porte 7:38am 3:44pm 17 8hr 06min 16
Mixed Bag 7:15am 3:25pm 16 8hr 10min 17
Needitbikes 7:16am 4:23pm 18 9hr 07min 18

The fastest team was Allez Mallee - which was a Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club team. That club consistantly produces great time triallers.

Did bates race


Treadly did alright.

Three Fiasco teams!

How much beer did need it bikes drink?
9hrs holy shit.

Probably pulled over for no Australian standards stickers in their helmets.

did any won ride a fixy?

Not that I’m aware. 150+k’s through hills wouldn’t be too fun fixed.

No fixed riders! 165km or whatever it was wasn’t fun on a regular road bike with oodles of gears. I wished I had a compact in parts. I have never been more glad to stop riding than that day.
<–fiasco supha team