Rapha Jeans

Some nice design details. Not bad Rapha, not bad at all…

A performance denim made from nylon, cotton and elastane blend yarns, these specialist cycling jeans are hard-wearing, stain-resistant and fast drying. Developed specifically for Rapha in Italy, the denim is an evolution in functional fabric. Unlike regular denim, the jeans are extremely resistant to abrasion and won’t deteriorate at key wear points, particularly around the seat. The stretch in the yarn also allows for ease of movement.

With a standard straight-leg fit, the jeans are cut for on-the-bike fit, with a high-backed waist, which is cut lower at the front. The jeans have been tailored to accommodate the pedalling action with offset inseams to prevent chafing. Belt loops are positioned for maximum comfort.

The right rear pocket is reinforced to hold a compact D-lock, while the front pockets are cut deep to keep contents secure when cycling. The jeans’ zip fly uses satin tape and are fastened with a metal button. Inside the waistband there is soft gripper for added support when riding.

Details include a reflective Rapha logo inside the right leg displayed when rolled or folded-up. High-visibility pink binding also features inside the legs. There is a contrast white belt loop on the rear of the jeans and subtle pink stitching on the waistband, black leather label and rear pockets. The jeans come with a patch of denim for repairs.

I love how they describe jeans as being the perfect cloths for commuting, unless it rains.

If I commuted in jeans I’d have chafed my thighs and scrotum to a pulp. Wonder what commuting distance they’re talking about?

I’m actually surprised about the price- $200 is pretty reasonable for Rapha (relatively speaking). When I have a spare two hundred I’m gunna buy them.

I had 2 pairs of Swrve jeans in London’s famous London and wore them all the time in the colder months. 50+km no probem and zero chafing as they were made correctly for riding. I’d say Rapha being Rapha these will be superior to the fantastic Swrve.

And then sell them because they’ve got a high bottom?

OK, makes more sense in London’s London, but in Sydney’s Sydney I stand by my pulped scrotum if jeans are worn. Too fucking hot, too much sweat. Ridonkulous.

The touring short which are on sale right now are fucking ace…
I lived in mine last summer, this summer I got a second pair!

I commute in the Levi’s commuter jeans no problems, but that’s only ~10k’s a day. I like these Rapha jeans, but the Levi’s were half the price.

Commuting in board shortz is where it’s at. One pocket for your ipod shuffle is all you need. It’s too hot to wear jeans to the pub, fuck riding a bike in them.

Trust me, once you’ve used cycle specific cut jeans on the bike the faults of your regular jeans are just so goddamn apparent. The only regular jeans that even came close for me are a pair of stretchy cheap mondays, but they dont breathe well and you get a “crack problem”.
People dont even know you’re wearing “technical apparel.” I used to wear mine out on the town even when not on the bike they were so comfy, and pulled girls a few times whilst wearing them. The high back waist just means you cant tuck your shirt in.

Well, I wouldnt ride them further than a handfull of km in summer time…winter nights should be ok in Oz. The fabric on the swrve ones were lighter than regular jeans and stretchy, with a flat panel under your crotch instead of that el’ crapola 4-way seam all normal jeans have. The cut around the knee meant unimpeded pedalling and were great for sitting down too, even crosslegged was sweet.

i hear creux jeans are pretty sweet…

I stand by my sister’s jeans.


The sound of a statement going through to the keeper?

Sound of a forum in joke gliding by like a zen fixie


i rode to work in ruggers this morning. was tops.

Where’d you get Levi’s commuter jeans for $100 ???

second excellent mckenny comment i’ve read in as many minutes.

AND, i can’t believe Horatio has only just seen the Rapha jeans. where the fuck you been the last 2 years, broseph?
these jeans are way too baggy for a true playa.
which is a pity, cos the pink piping is right up my alley (ooh err)