Rapha Rising

Yeah, I know it’s a Rapha x Strava collabo, but is anyone else taking part in the challenge to climb 7,235m in 8 days?

Rapha Rising: La Centième

I’ve found it a pretty good motivation to go riding in the mornings before work. I’m lucky I have ~660m of climbing 10 minutes ride from my house.

Here’s a link to my profile: Jln L. | Cyclist | Strava

Also, there is the FoA club you can join on Strava: Fixed Gear Australia

Yep - been trying to do 850-1000m+ every morning this week + got a massive day in the Blue Mountains 2500-3000m of climbing to polish it off.

Strava link - Daniel C. | Cyclist | Strava



carole is involved.

Does watching the tour count?

And can people please explain to me the #notbeachrd thing?

#outsideisfree #goyonder

Beach Rd sux ballz, basically.

it’s not even that, beach rd is fine if you wanna do some flat kms, and it’s as hard/easy as you wanna make it. I just fkn hate that ppl are all “look how adventurous I am” or some shit. it’s a beautiful road usually, why the fuck do ppl feel the need to bang on about the fact it’s #notbeachrd.

and, as discussed with trigger yesterday, it’s a completely irrational hate, there’s so many more important issues to get fired up about.

I just. can’t. help. it.


sorry, rapharising looks sick, wish I had the time & was allowed to ride hills at the moment.

man, I’m gonna eat a fkn snickers.


I was keen to give it a crack, but I just don’t have the time for it atm :frowning:

Good luck to the guys giving it a go

Love how Rolly can’t let things go.

someone had to say it.



You don’t need a table to let things go.

I’m running a -17 degree stem now, can I join?

Working in a bike store has definitely given me a reasonable dislike for Beach Road.
There have been far too many people buying far too expensive bikes for the pure, sole purpose of riding down Beach Road.

I’m just trying to show people there are other places. SO MANY other places.
Plus, I don’t mind an adventure or two. That’s what cycling’s about, right?

TC: i read it as notable toilet

TC: i always make my own word gaps when reading #reallylonghashtagsjustforthelulz

also, i enjoy reading backwards.

These are the people that keep you in a job and the cycling industry alive. #countyourblessings