Rapha tyre levers...

Make the plastic pink, and charge 100% more:

fwiw, those pedro levers are really good.

Hang on, didn’t they make the plastic black?

FTFY. I prefer Schwalbe if I can’t get Michelin.

Michelin levers ftw. I have like 16 of them.

nah… Soma, steel core or http!


pedros, park are too thick,

BBB are ok’ish - thin at least.

Closet Rapha fan eh? :smiley:

Do tell about these web enabled levers

either park or pdw lever/15mm wrench for me. have a phobia with plastics snapping and flying into my face like lezynes…

Usually Rapha stuff is way too small for me, now they offer me a tyre lever that’s too big? They’re fuckin’ with me.

Michelin are the go,
But hey these look god so i would give them a go.

Comprehension really isn’t your forte, is it Horatio?

yeah those pedros levers are sick, too bad they have now been rapha’d and will probably cost twice as much


Hang on, Rapha endorsing clinchers? I thought tubulars were the only truly epic™ tyreway.

fwiw … and imo Pedro’s tyres levers are the best.

Heavens above!
And FWIW, you’re all wrong. These will unseat a truck tyre.

Michelin or GTfO

Is that a word?

it is now