Raw Steamroller

After being hit by a car at 60km/h, fracturing both ankles and wrists, sitting in bed for a month unable to do anything and writing off my old steamroller, here is the new one. I didn’t like the maroon on the new one, so i decided to go for the “scene” raw look. I first had the frame/fork acid dipped, then i sanded it back, then i got it professionally clearcoated and baked on. It came out amazing!

This is honestly the best fixed frame i’ve ever ridden. Ive been on many before, but this frame just works for me!


I like ur bike…but the seatpost is tooo high??

Nah, its a 410mm Thomson. Theres shitloads left in it for when i get to 210cm.

Then is the frame too small?

Nup. The bullhorns throw me out front nicely. If i were going to get a custom frame done, it would be in this size.

That frame finish looks really nice.

Was it acid dip to remove the paint, and then the sanding just to give it thatrough polished look? You got a real nice result out of it.


Yep, the acid dip removes all the paint, and leaves the frame looking all rusty and a dark browny colour. Sanding even lightly gave it a really nice brushed look!

I like the rough beater look of it. Better than that nasty colour it comes in originally. Dunno why they insist on such a shithouse paint job.

@LTR where did you get it clear coated?

This thread is 12 years old.

almost as old as u Jono, happy bday for yesterday btw.


I take it you reckon the Steamroller has rusted to its death Heavy?

Thanks Jamesy, same to you m8.

No idea, just unlikely the OP is still on here, or would remember something from 12 years ago.

If it’s any help, I have a clearcoated frame that is still being ridden after probably 10 years?

Was powdercoated with clear paint, not painted. Either way, they will still rust/patina under it, but it’s still in great shape.

TL:DR, just get it powdercoated clear, at any powdercoating place, of which you can find other 12 year old threads with similarly outdated information, or just google powdercoating businesses near you.

I was pretty amazed Shortsie’s 'Nago has remained virtually rust free: https://fixed.org.au/t/sold-gilco-colnago-frame-probably-a-master-such-passion/157962

Yeah it stood up really well for a any weather commuter that was ridden daily for years. The frame was clear powder coated at gripsport.

There ended up being a little bit of surface rust around the post binder bolt and the drop outs, but it never spread.

Did you end up selling it?

I think ADA did powder coating for Gripsport.

Also, how was the Japan trip?

It was fucking sick!
I didn’t want it to end. I could just do that forever.

The scenery was so amazing, We got bored of saying how beautiful it was.

The climbs were challenging but not enough to break you.
I’ve never done decents that fun – Like 12km decent down switchbacks. With mirrors on every corner so you can see if there are cars.

We got caught out by landslides a few times. It turns out that, in Japan, it there is a sign saying the road is closed. It is absolutely impassable. Took us a couple of 10km double-backs to get that in our stupid heads.

The first day, we left late, not realising it gets dark at about 5:30. We also didn’t bring lights with us (didn’t plan on night riding)
Then at around 8pm, 2km from our destination, on a back road that had no turn offs for the previous 20km, in pitch black, besides our phone torch. We ran into a fucking landslide that had wiped away the road and part of the mountain. That sucked.
So then we double backed. Found a road that wasn’t on our GPS. (Otherwise we were looking at a 35km detour) Took a punt on it. And got to our acomm about 945-10pm

Besides that it was fucking amazing and I highly recommend you do it. Never forget it.

If you are gonna do it. Id get a route made for you. Adam from Commuter Cycles helped us out with that, he’s been there a bunch
I tried to route it myself, but it’s hard to know what roads are open and what routes are good.
There is no way I would have seen the shit I saw if I’d routed it myself.

So yeah. It was pretty good

We were only riding for 6 days, but we saw so much stuff and never felt like we were rushing (except the first night lol). Longer would have been amazing, but it was good as it was.

The other thing that was cool was how good my legs felt. Every day they were better and better. They would be a little tired for about 10km, but then bam amazing. Feels good man.