Rear wheel recommendation

Ok, so I have been hunting down a rear wheel that is similar to the Aerohead. Firstly, I hear that the Aerohead’s arn’t of the best quality, so I am looking for a quality version, that doesn’t go any bigger (like a deep V).

Does anyone know of any?

Thanking you in advanced!

H+son TB14 or mavic open pro maybe…

What have you heard about the Aerohead? They’re a great rim, I’ve used and abused a couple and enjoyed every minute.

As above, look at an open pro or dt swiss 465, they’re both double eyeletted and strong. TB14 is a proper box section, probably not what you’re after. Velocity A23 could work as well.

I went into Deus, and one of the guys there was insistent the wheel would not last more than a week if you ride it hard, thats all.

So Aerohead is not as bad as I was told?

Nope, aeroheads cop up to the abuse and its actually survive when i had a crash. Didn’t even need to true them and i’ve been using it until now

picked up a second hand one last saturday, still rides very nice…

not to cast aspersions about the kind of tosspot that might be making those kind of claims in that kind of shop, but that is Grade A horseshit.
i wonder if that particular hellman has a sweet edit up on vimeo of him “utterly slaying” some aeroheads

Yep, Aerohead is a great rim

And people wonder why LBSs get a bad rep. This sort of crap.
“Oh, my mate totally taco’d one of those on his FGFS dropping off a set of stairs”

Yeah, wateva.

Heaps of polo ppls are running these and not bending them.

+1 on the above, regret selling my set laced to first gen dura ace track hubs, some very nice wheels.

Succinctly put, yes.

get some H+son TB14 hotness!

Yeah bullshit there fine,
What did he Recomend?
Tb14’s are real nice as are open pros may be even a velocity a23.

If your not overly concerned about deep v’s, I have a set, which saw most of there life on the track, which are now, not in use. PM if you want.

Who did you speak to?

Clearly not you.

Courier friend of mine is running Aeroheads daily with no problems. No doubt he rides more than the guy at Deus.

It’s just a stupid generalization people make about products- you know like Open Pros are all shit now etc etc

Maybe … maybe not. I know all the people I work with, and that we almost exclusively sell Velocity wheels and rims, and I’m finding it hard to believe Cezwan’s claims about what was said. Even more mind boggling to read is how quickly other people here are happy to rip into Deus on the premise of something that was allegedly said.

So I’ll ask again to the original poster: who did you speak to (don’t need a name - describe them) and what was the extent of your discussion?

Sometimes I feel like this forum would rip into ‘The Cannibal’ himself if he was ‘quoted’ as saying spinergy/Rev-Xs were a good wheel (or something equally foolish ;)).