Rebuild my taco 🌮 MTB 27.5 front wheel

TL;DR - So i had a small off on the weekend and damaged my front wheel. Hub might still be serviceable but the rim is toast. Need new front wheel.

(Can’t seem to get cycle bucket to work on my phone.)

Longer story… I’m waiting for a local guy to get back to me with the good or bad news on my hub, but also looking for suggestions from anyone here for a good enduro rim and possibly new boost front hub.

Original is (was?) an m1900 dtswiss wheelset running 2.4 maxxis ardent. Research is suggesting i could go for something a bit wider in the rim (maybe 25mm internal). Looking for strong, not lightweight.

So far (without talking to the mech yet), I’m thinking:

  • current dt swiss hub with a stans arch rim, dt spokes and whatever nipples recommended
  • current hub with dt xm421 rim (but might need the dt proprietary nipples with these?)
  • dt swiss 350s hub with one of those rims
  • hope pro 4 hub with one of those rims

If building I’d prefer to use the local guy, but the cost of builds from CRC and Germany of the above component seems super low (and probably hard to compete with). I don’t mind spending about 20% more to stay local, but don’t know if this is realistic.

I could also just go with a prebuilt front from dtswiss or hope or spank etc.?

Anyone else built MTB wheels recently and feel like chiming in?

I’d think that the hub would be fine, but I don’t want to underestimate the different ways that things can break.

Yeah. Just got off the phone to the mechanic and he can build up an xm421 on the current hub. Seems expensive (at $380), but I can probably get it by the end of the week, and will be hand built, so going with this option.

Feel free to ignore my early morning rant above.

Seems very expensive

Hope pre-build wheel from CRC.

The xm421 comes with the squorx nipples and nipple washers.

~200 for the rim, ~dollar a spoke unless they’re cxrays, leaves ~150 for the build. It’s not a bargain, but if you need it ASAP what else do you do.

if you have time CRC - Frequency i29 or ARC30 x Hope Pro4 x DB spokes. Should be about $200 - 250 IIRC. But as Blakey says depends on how urgently you need them. last wheels I got from CRC took 2 weeks from ordering to delivery.

Recently had a rear wheel rebuilt locally. It cost $300 with a new rim and Wheelsmith DB spokes. The quality was certainly no better than a CRC built wheel.

You won’t notice the quality difference in the build itself for months or even years. When the schmuck next to you has the spoke key out on his half-arsed, CRC-built wheelset and you’re sitting back drinking a beer, you’ll have forgotten the extra money you spent.

the only spokes you’ll buy for a dollar a spoke are plain gauge. I’d be expecting $2-3 per spoke. If your mechanic is charging $200 for the rim and nipples and $2/spoke for something butted then he’s charging $116 for the build, rim tape, sealant, and the little bit of time required to initially pull it apart and later refit and adjust the front brake etc. That sounds about right to me. Kudos for supporting your local.

If you’re interested, the next wheels I will build for myself will be 350’s to Stans Flows with DT Super Comps and regular brass nipples. I’ll be building them to replace the stock WTB rims that I seem to be denting the shit out of.

LOL. Well that’s a grand sweeping generalisation… I have had two CRC built wheelsets that have been great and haven’t need a retrue for years.

By comparison the wheel I had rebuilt locally had half the nds spoke ps completely unwind after a day of hard riding when i was in the middle of nowhere (that is after being after being initially retuned).

Ive had good locally-built wheels and, more recently, complete piles of crap. If you have an open cheque book I would get a wheel set built locally by someone well known for their wheels, otherwise I’ll take my chances with CRC.

also just as many dents in my Flows as my team i25s and i29s…

Sounds like your local mechanic isn’t particularly good. A well built wheel shouldn’t require retuning at all, and definitely shouldn’t completely unwind. It sounds like in your case machine built wheels are probably a safer bet.

Bummer to hear that you have just as many dents in the Flows. I’ve put 3 big ones into the new WTB in two weeks and had hoped it was the rim.

More like too much radness on the new sled.:wink:

and running 20psi - yeaow!

And yep Luke shitty (former) local mechanic.

EDIT: Also CRC offers custom wheel builds which are handbuilt

Pretty sure ezylee got his sick wheels with purple hubs built by CRC too

Yup! No complaints here so far.

We’ll, I take it back. They must have upped their game. I’ve had to retension plenty of their (and other machine built) crappy builds in the past. Glad to hear they’ve hired some humans.

@DICE, that sucks, I get so depressed when a LBS shoots itself in the foot by doing a shit job. We can’t compete on price, the quality of workmanship and advice is all we’ve got.

@nikcee dude I had to up the pressure! I’m on like 28ish now! But yeah, I’m faster on the new bike and with less travel it’s copping a hiding.

Sounds like I will look at CRC if I’m after a new wheel or wheelset in future.

When i add up how much a front wheel would cost adding a hub as well, and then how much that might make a wheelset, it doesn’t add up staying local unfortunately.

Add to that the fact that local guys don’t have access to the same stock as overseas (i was told dt swiss Australia won’t have the heavier ex471 rims until June or july) must be super hard to compete.

Having said all that, carbon wheelsets seem to be coming down in price too. Was checking out zelvy rims and wheelsets. Built in Oz. Look pretty sharp, and with warranty to boot.

Anyone running carbon hoops?

Purple hopes or something else?

Terrible pic… but yeah, purple hopes.

Sweet! Does it sound like angry wasps as the reviews suggest - or not too bad? My dt freewheel is pretty noisy already. Haven’t ridden hopes before.