Renak Hubs, Austral parts

Hey guys,
I was wondering if you could provide me some information on Renak hubs and Austral bike parts.
I have recently bought an old malvern star roadster with Renak Hubs, 28inch wheels, Dunlop thornproof tyres and a mix of austral parts(Crank, seat, pedals)
Basically im trying to gauge how old the bike is and whether or not the parts are original and of what quality they are. I was told its around 50’s or 60’s but to be honest im not sure. Is there anywhere i can use the serial number on the frame to date it?

Any information about it would be great


usually parts have a stamp on them with a year number , the malvern star i got from a neighbor had 83 stamped on the back side of the brakes , so i know it was made around that year of there about’s ,

There’s a yahoo group called ozpushies. They know all about this stuff, worth signing up to the mailing list.
Also, the bigger bike forums have sections for old bike fanciers. Someone out there will know everything you need to know off the top of their head.

Thanks for the info guys, does anyone know anything about renak hubs though?

Seek and yea shall find (in other words, Google it).

(a) Willkommen | RENAK Nabendynamo (Renak company website, in German - use Google translate)
(b) Renak derailleurs (“Renak manufactured a range of bicycle components, particularly standard hubs and back pedal brake hubs and exported them to over 40 countries”);
(c) Torpedo hubs (Hans-Joachim Zierke) (“A copy of the Torpedo design was manufactured by Renak in the GDR (in fact on Sachs machinery)” - other references to Renak also on that page);
(d) Coaster brake hubs: the Velosteel hub [Archive] - Bike Forums (“I believe the history of the Velosteel hub is a s follows. 1. After WWII, Sachs wanted to maintain a presence in the eastern European market. 2. Sachs licensed a comapny in Czechoslovakia named Renak to manufacture them. 3. Renak either became Velosteel or more likely, Velosteel purchased Renaks assets.”);
(e) Interbike Las Vegas 2006 Photos by Sheldon Brown (Sheldon Brown’s review of Interbike Las Vegas 2006 says “Saw the Renak generator hub, notably smaller than other generators, but couldn’t get any details on it. Looks pretty good aside from the cheesy quick release skewer. I suspect, however, that it contains internal gearing to make up for the smaller size, which would likely lead to lower efficiency”);
(f) etc, etc

Thanks El Kabong, I already found that but im thinking the bikes around 1957 i have!