replaceable or adjustable steel drop outs

I’ve bent my hanger to many time. I want to swap them out with a replaceable or adjustable dropouts like these. Anyone know where I can buy steel ones so I can get paconi to braze them on?

I saw some cool repair work on Commuters site but I thought this might be a better option then just replacing the hanger.

Paragon Machine Works

If you want to save on postage you can jump in on one of my orders. I order once a month or so

What kind of frame you have Reuben?

The Bike -

The Damage -

Columbus steel life mtb rear stays. Paragon looks like it has the kind of stuff I’m looking for but can find adjustable drop outs that dont have disc mounts.

You need this insert: Here

To have the NDS without disc mounts

I might go for a rocker system likethis. Just need it without ISO mounts

I don’t think they do a rocker without disc mounts, the whole point is to keep the mounts aligned with the axle.

Just get your builder to cut off the disc mounts