Resist Nomad - 700c X 35mm

Item: Resist Nomand 700c X 35mm
How long used: 6 months
Where used: Daily commute, little bit of single track
What similar product have you used: Vittoria Randonneur Hyper 700c X 32mm
Long text:
Following a good 6 or 7 months on my Rando Hypers, I thought it would be nice to switch up tyres, and as I run Demolition Momentum tyres on my bmx, I thought I’d try the big boy version of them. I also wanted a larger tyres for some more cushion and also cool guy off road looks.

I bought two 35mm Nomads from Saintcloud and once mounted, the first thing I noticed was they were as wide as my 32mm Randos. This has been widely reported on the internet, so wasn’t unexpected, just a bit disappointing as I don’t think I would be able to fit the largest version of these tyres in my frame.

While mounting them (which was easy), I did notice the tyre was very thin compared to the puncture protection equipped tyres. The tyre is a consistent thickness through. I originally thought this would be cause for concern with punctures in the glass filled bikelanes I encounter on Albert Street.

Initial rides revealed a very comfortable and fast tyre, with minimal noise and good grip. I felt more comfortable on these than I did the Randos, it may be the slightly softer rubber compound (may not actually be softer, just feels it) that they use or the almost slick tread pattern that contributed to this. My confidence on these tyres has not changed since day one, even 6 months on.

I spend very little time off road and don’t feel too confident riding off road clipped in and on a big bike, so all I can say is the small amount of time spent on hard packed dirt have been fine. Reducing psi would make a difference also. These aren’t going to replace your cross tyres, but they will serve you well if you need to cut across some dirt tracks or fire trails on your way home.
As mentioned before, the tyre is quite thin compared to other puncture resistant tyres and suprisingly I have not had any more punctures than with the Randos or other road tyres I’ve had previous. It took me almost three months to get my first puncture and it was glass that would have taken out any other tyre I’ve run previous. I did however have two flats in three days last week, which could be contributed to a 6month old tyre, excessive rain washing more crap into the bike lane and just badluck. Luckily these tyres are very easy to remove and mount with a set of tyre levers. I don’t know if you could get it off with just your hands and brute strength, I’ve never tried to do that as I always have tyre levers with me.

The wear in 6months in pretty minimal. The tyre hasn’t squared off at all and is still a very round profile. I have not rotated them in the 6months I’ve had them, so the rear is more worn from doing mad skids, but not enough to think about replacing it just yet.

Would I run them again? I would and will, I’ve had no issues with them that I haven’t faced previous and as they are made by a bmx company, I would like to support them when possible.
I will look to see if the 45mm will fit without mudguards during summer though.
Hopefully this covers everything, if you have any questions. send me a PM!

haha, because reviews have to be moderated like for sale posts, i nearly posted asking you to state your price or your ad would be removed!! lolz

Can you caliper the actual width also with which rim they’re on? You could PM angry or .tom on width of the 45mms, I believe they both have a set.

Once I wear out my 32mm grand bois I’ll grab a pair of these or the Kojaks for sure.


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I’ll see if I can chase up some calipers, someone must have some laying around here at work.
They are currently mounted to Mavic OP, from eye balling both a Hyper and Nomad next to each other and also the ‘looking down on the front wheel while riding’ test, they look the same width.

45mm Resist Nomad measures 40.5mm on my Open Pros.

mildly off-topic question: will rim width affect the width of the tyre once it’s mounted? i also remember reading that over time the tyre will settle in a change shape, becoming a little wider. or am i just making stuff up?

Wider rim = wider and shorter tyre profile. i.e. Angry’s 45mm might measure ~43mm on an A23.

Carcasses will stretch over time and the width/height will increase a bit.

41 or 41.5 on my delgado and a719 rims

I’ve had the 700x45 version on my crosscheck for a year. Used for everything (gravel grinding, light touring, road etc etc)


  • Minimal wear after a year (thought these would be shit by now)
  • Fast
  • Cheap/availability


  • Flats! If they were <60 psi I was guaranteed to pinch flat :frowning:
  • Cornering on loose gravel was pretty shit. I guess that’s to be expected. Overall pretty decent as a “gravel grinder” tire

I’ve switched to the 700x40 marathon racers (folding) which are about the same size as the 700x45 nomad and 84 grams lighter. Replaced as I need something much more reliable for touring/etc. Only got them last week so I can’t compare them to the nomads yet.

I would still totally recommend these for use on a city bike. Great tire for that imo

This is where Schwalbe need to change their branding. Most marathons are super heavy and roll slow, yet the racers have a good rep. Similar variations in the Ultremo. Same for vittoria randonneur anything except the hyper.

They should also make their sizes more consistent.

My 35mm Kojaks measure 32mm.
My Durano 28s measure 26.5mm.
My Durano 25s measure 25.5mm

Agreed and Schwalbe just have too many products in their line. Go to their website and it’s a nightmare- 10 different versions of Marathan, 15 different versions of Ultremo, lots of products that kind of do the same thing…

I’m running these on my commuter and had the same concerns about punctures. I’ve only had a couple in a few months, but having written this I’m expecting two on the way home.
They’re heaps more confortable than the randonneur 28s I was running before and the grip in the wet seems pretty good.

I got another flat this morning, on stinkin Albert Street again!
As much as I want to love these tyres, the lack of puncture resistant strip does make it a bit of a gamble as a full time commuting tyre. As a tyre on a second bike, or your FGFS bike they seem like a good choice, as a full time, in the wet and stinky glass littered bike lanes, they aren’t that great.
So, to replace them with something.
35mm, fast rolling, puncture resistant strip and reasonably light. Which of the 120001210 Schwalbe tyres should I try out?

EDIT: Marathon Racers in a 38mm? Anyone know the real world width of this?
Schwalbe Marathon Racer Tyre | Buy Online |

Sometimes you just get a run of punctures, no matter how much belting, and other times you can ride for thousands of kms on paper thin carcasses.

But, either the marathon racer, or the Kojak would be a good option.

marathon racers are good, fast and I didn’t get any punctures but the 30mm pair I had wore quite quickly.
Marathon supremes are maybe another to look at, not as light or quite as fast but more protection, same rounded profile.
I’ve done ~3500kms plus of loaded touring on mine and they don’t have any major signs of wear, and they don’t feel like a marathon unloaded.

Perhaps start a Marathon review thread (and be clear on the difference b/n racer / supreme / xr etc.)?

Have you thought about running a tyre liner?

okey, good idea.

how about these: Jack Brown 700c x 33.333 (the blue version)

Never used them but I hear good things.