Retro MTB thread

Maybe time we get this sick obsession out of the ebay thread.

I’m a bit of a tragic for old mountain bikes as I started riding/racing them in the early 90s and my best days have passed me by, therefore, nostalgia.

I’ve got a 1992 Mongoose IBOC Team w M900 XTR in the build, just chasing down a few more parts (cranks and sundry fittings)

1998 GT STS-DH with NOS Rock Shox DHO, long term project, need lots of NOS parts to complete still e.g. Mavic D321CD rims, red Formula evoluzione brakeset.

1996 GT LTS-2, was built with Manitou SX-Ti and M900/M737 mix, stripped to rebuild to catalogue spec, chasing some small parts (GT flat handlebar, Vetta saddle).

1993? Shogun Prairie Breaker Pro, currently frame only again, had a bunch of different builds on it (I bought it secondhand in about 1996, been my backup frame forever)

It took me until episode 62 of Seinfeld to spot that the fork on Jerry’s Klein is the wrong way around. It’s going to bother me now.

Haha I’ll be watching for that now!
IIRC there was a green Pinnacle, a blue/silver fade Killer V Cannondale for a while and a red Adroit later on.

I saw some commuter riding a shitty rigid MTB with the fork on backwards tonight.

I saw the same last week but the stem and bars were also backwards…

Parked in a row at the good ol’ ABC bike cages this morning:

99 Raceline Enduro
91 Cadex with full XT & Judy LTs (I think)
My 89 Rockhopper
96 Cannondale F700

Nice! All rock solid commuters no doubt, hard to fault 90s Shimano MTB stuff for longevity.

Did a mockup for some color scheme ideas today with a ratty white turbo and OE Scott post I had lying around, decided the 'goose is going to get my Super Turbo after I reupholster it freshly in white and Greg Softley makes up some repro decals for the bumpers, and a black Syncros post. Fingers crossed I’ve got another set of M900 cranks with more intact logos on the way, and I have a front derailleur in the post.

^Pic not in fact taken 20 years ago on a disposable, but with the selfie cam on my phone as I broke the main lense, apologies!

Hey guys I grabbed an '88 Stumpjumper from out the back of the maths building at my uni. It had been there a few months, unlocked, flat tyres, rusted chain, registration sticker for 2011 and cobwebs etc. so it was obvious no one was using it. It’s currently sitting in pieces in my backyard, and although it looked pretty shabby, the frame/fork/bars and the wheels are actually in surprisingly good nick. Any ideas of what I should do with it? I don’t really have any parts lying around other than a seat and some grips.

Here’s a picture of it after a hose down.

Zltn will fight you for it.

Dirt drops, bar ends.

Would any of you fine gentlemen/women be somewhat keen on a set of 177.5mm Syncros Revolutions? I’m not exactly ready to sell as I’d love to use them, but if there was interest I could be swayed… hit me up.
not the exact pic, but just for reference.

Nah. I’m sorted with that Mongoose for now.

Want these for my CX bike.

Wouldn’t be bad at all for a CX bike, a 130BCD spider would be by no means unobtainable either (if you didn’t want to run ATB/MTB compact)…also all the spiders mount off a 74BCD.

This was parked in the ABC cage this morning, not something you see everyday - Frank Conceicao Elevated stay MTB

Some of you retrogrouches might be interested in this:
Titanium Single Speed Cruiser MTB BMX 26" | eBay

Pity it’s such a lame build, but cool frame.

Check out his AMP research bike too, that’s a retro MTB classic

Pace RC300 on ebay in sydney at the mo, looks in great nic.



I just found these pics from the scott in 2009

Its nothing personal, but I just can’t dig vintage MTBs turned SS. Its a decidedly modern concept and right up there with fredified duallies for my taste.

Just bought a pair of brand new M900 hubs and a headset, from my LBS of all places. Went in looking for a 1-1/8 keyed lock washer for my headset, came out with all that stuff. Go figure.

Guess I better find some period rims and get a build on for the 'Goose. Speaking of which its a front derailleur pulley away from rideable.