Retro Roadies with Brifters

As in the roadie thread, needs its own category and I love posting this bike.

Nowhere near as nice as any merckx. But I love it.

I so want any flouro fade in the stable.

Here’s mine from post your roadie

I’m liking this thread already!

Here’s mine and I have others in the pipeline.

I also have a Repco frame like above, if anyone wants to stop me having to build it up, let me know!

Here’s mine: unknown roadie, dropouts stamped Columbus. Shimano 6400 group.

Now looking a lot more ‘ridden’ than in the photos. Still love it to fucking bits though.

I’m getting in on this thread before Blakey does.

Damn you!

I need to get some flicks of my friends Kenevans that he bought off if here…

I now have period correct 7400 Hyperglide hubs and DT 1.1 rims thanks to snowflake.
Sorry Blakey about the brifter height.

i think this is the most RHS profile pics ive seen in a row, good work boys.

ps, move to roadie section?

Hmm. I think I need to do some apologising too. Comfortable for riding on the hoods, but decending and braking (learning) up around Kinglake I found the drops were rendered a bit useless.

Now in bits, awaiting one of Andy’s Gazelles.

Work In Progress.

those concords with gold rear triangle and forks are the sex…

ah, those were the days.

c’mon fluro fade!

now got a 120mm stem on it and a slacker angle for my tight hammies.

That’s a lot of cable you’ve got going on there!

Just bits still in situ on bars from donor. Got some brand spanking red stuff to install.