Riddle me that alleycat 16/7

Good to see something happening in Sydney:

Can you repost/link the flyer here, it says I have to join those forums to see it otherwise.

Regardless, I think I’ll actually turn up to this one.

I might have to bust out the ken for old times sake…

the links above were only working for me when i was logged into bikesmoveus, so heres another copy

What is this sorcery?

more like a vegas magic show or a street hustle

No sorcery, merely the precaution of a Universal Drug Antidote PILL! (then batman punches joker)

Is it a themed costume race or…?

I understand that there will be a bit of an update/confirmation in the next week or so.

Keep an eye on the Bikesmoveus thread I suppose.

I think its about time I stepped in.
Carlin thanks for posting, but more importantly theres a freakin’ newer, betterer poster:

And for you guys and gals who have the facebook there is an event page: Log In | Facebook

Keen for a syd event

Yeah I am keen. Definately will be there I just don’t know if I will be able to ride or not.

Less than 10 days! Another scout run tomorrow/today to finalise the route (if you see me out don’t follow me).

So who’s coming? I’ll be there, as long as it’s not raining.

I am gonna try to come, will be on Track bike if I make it.

Yeah I’m in.

A little bit of rain doesn’t bother me.

i’ll be there pending rain aswell.

I’m down pending pouring rain

I’ll be around a bit later on. Where’s the after party at?

^ Your place, didn’t anyone tell you…

yep im in and my dad to, he spent the day converting his softride into a singlespeed.