Ride Photos

Given that the weather is getting (slightly) better and everyone is riding more and 90% of you seem to have pretty good photography (or photoshop) skills, I thought i’d (re)start a thread for photos taken while on a ride or commuting.

  • In order to keep it on track, don’t bother posting anything unless you have a photo to contribute or a hilarious story related to one of the photos. Also throw in a brief caption to avoid the inevidable ‘where is this?’ questions.

(I think someone started a similar thread a while back but I couldn’t find it.)

and to kick it off, and oldie but a goodie. - Benzy getting his bike cleaned by a street cleaner after racing Dirty Deeds #3.

Ooohh. I like this thread idea (that will be HEAVILY moderated).

One Saturday morning in June we rode up this hill (Coach Road in Auldana, SA for those playing at home).

Chipper was a bit hungover, and climbing didn’t agree with him…

stickied for brilliance, but yeah, jln is right. the ban stick weighs heavy over this thread.

i was just wandering today why fixed didn’t have a ‘phat snaps’ thread like farkin

By request:

IMG_0079 by ah_blake, on Flickr

Cup Day 2009. Warby trail.

Awesome! totally agree re: HEAVILY moderated -
(and so to justify this post here’s one from the archives)

Pt Lonsdale Loop - about a year ago. Look at this image Sydney to Melbourne riders, and get used to it.

I’d just like to say that the warby trail was when i met Benzy. i have never been the same since.

Pic from a stop in Redesdale during a ride home from Echuca with Max Power and Benny Davis.


Thinking of doing this ride again soon

just uhh… casually making my way across the nullarbor.
a lot of this
some of this

some “holy crap, wtf, bbq”

LOTS of this…

Looking back across the valley after narrowly escaping the killer cows, and realising that riding through cows’ fields is really hard work…

The breathing wall from a couple of years ago.

bit of a repost for some of you that saw this one already…

me, gene and liam out on Ridge Rd near Whittlesea. the line on “trusty” google maps indicated this was quite a major road. it turned to gravel within 100mtrs and got quite hilly. fuck it was good fun though!!

The Arne Jacobson petrol station in Denmark (on my first proper ride):

Last Thursday night on the way home from work:

Here’s a tip for everyone - preview your posts to make sure the images show up properly. I’ve fixed the only post I’m going to in this thread. Any more will probably just get deleted.

A bit of 'Gong action.

View of Wollongong from a little mtb ride down brokers nose

The winter Gong ride in June this year (to be repeated this weekend as the ‘Spring Classic’)

i thought this rabbit was cute. docklands, wednesday night sometime '09

On the Lilydale to Warburton trail earlier this year

Just off the boat on a crisp morning bound for Launceston…

eagle mountain bike park

jay killing the mud pit at ddcx3