Ride Photos

Rode to Frankston from Nth Carlton via Port Melb and then back today.
Crap pic, but a good ride

Very nearly did the same thing yesterday. From North Carlton and all.

From the Point Lonsdale ride that Chaz has already posted:

Oliver’s Hill for breakfast.

Riding Coffee’s wheel into Geelong.

And some random dude riding trials at Dight’s Falls:

The wife and I riding capitol trail.

Those helmets are awesome! Looks like a alien face-hugger from the front.

IMG_0887 by king of fishes, on Flickr

Arthurs Creek on a Sunday afternoon.

From this weekends funtimes:

DSC_5166 by ah_blake, on Flickr

More: Canberra CX 13/11/10 - a set on Flickr

7 of us Sydney types rode thru the Royal National Park on Saturday, down to Scarborough. This is the view as you pop out of the RNP, then a few k’s further on to the pub for well-earned beers.

Lorne Deans Marsh Rd VIC

oneof Angry’s ‘TWBD’ rides. perhaps renamed, ‘there will be walking up gravel roads’

This photo was taken by my girlfriend as we rode from venice down past Santa Monica pier.

This is me at the ruben wallride, which if you don’t know what its like you can watch this part you will see how awesome it is and also why its a ‘famous’ bmx spot.

My first ascent to Kinglake about a year back. As the body language may indicate, I was having a pretty tough time.

yarra st

during the Broken soul’s TT

JKPL please create a flikr if you dont have one (its free) and host all the photos so i can see every one else in pain too of join this group and upload them here Login | Facebook

^ That was the most fun i’ve had on an otherwise dead boring flat road…

Anyone who knows me has probably seen this, but its a personal fave of mine, shot by Peter from Cog mag at tuesday night track racing at DISC, me sitting behind the motorbike…

i can’t believe how perfect your position is there benny. dead on the red line, exactly where you’re supposed to be. textbook!

^ 'tis truly a beautiful sight to behold.

Couple more from Broken Souls.

^ sweet rack!!!

Just a few i took from Broken Souls

Flickr: jperrin06’s Photostream

Heli Biking on Mt Pisa in NZ:

Part of the snow covered trail from the photo above to the photo below. You can vaguely see the trail snaking up the middle right of the photo:

At the shores of Lake McKay, we rode from top right of photo & followed the ridgeline down:

Me riding a section of the trail decending from Lake Mckay:

but it’s not a wald :wink:

ride video…

YouTube - HTFU Sydney-Mel