Ride to conquer cancer Brisbane 2012

Hi guys, I’m only new here but thought i would chuck this up.
I’m signed up for the ride to conquer cancer in Brisbane this year.
I’m doing to ride to help raise funds for much needed research to help fight cancer.
Atleast 10 people in my family have been diagnosed with cancer over the last 5 years.
a couple have passed some are still fighting on, and 2 are in remission.
The killer for me is my younger brother who, the week before his 21st B’day was diagnosed.
Being young and fit he is going pretty well but not 100% in the clear yet.
If anyone would like to donate towards our ride it would be very much appreciated
Please click here to donate I’m doing the ride with my brother and a couple of mates.
We aren’t trying to change the world. we just want everyone to know how shit this disease is.

Thanks heaps to anyone that is willing to help out